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Our Mission

Contractor 20/20 MissionMore than 80% of the time we can turn a 5% profit company into a 22% profit company in 120 days.  Depending on the circumstances, it may take longer or may take less time; simply, that’s the bottom line goal: profitability.

Our mission is much more complex. Our mission is to help small business owners build a legacy that will benefit the owners, staff, customers, and community at large. We know firsthand that stress caused by low profits can create problems at work and more importantly at home. Our mission is to turn that around. It is our hope that on your retirement day you will be full of satisfaction knowing that you helped your staff and yourself to achieve worthwhile goals and financial security.

Using a marketing and branding strategy based on research, our team is able to identify, suggest, and implement the steps your company needs to take, in multiple areas, to achieve high efficiency and profitability.

Hero Branding

Hero branding is close to our heart and close to our mission. Legacy isn’t just about your savings or retirement account; legacy is about your community and the good you leave behind for the next generation. Our hope is that when we can get our clients into the 20 to 25% profits range that they can become “hero” contractors.

Hero contractors are able to:

  1. Promote the statement “it’s right, we make it right, or it’s free.” They can do this because they can afford the 2 to 3% loss needed to support and follow through with that policy. This branding puts them head and shoulders above the competition in excellent customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Give water away at every 5K charity run.
  3. Sponsor a team on every little league.
  4. Do something extra like change the light bulbs and fire alarm batteries for older or disabled clients.
  5. Pull over the truck to help change a tire.
  6. Donate $10 from every job to clean water charity or charity of your choice. Fill your office walls with photos of kids who were spared from the lack of pure water showing your global impact. Every 22 seconds a child dies from lack of pure water.
  7. Send their kids, grandkids, and maybe someone else’s kids to the college of their dreams.
  8.  Retire satisfied because they made a difference in the lives of their family, their employees, their industry, their country, and their world.
  9. Turn a midlife crisis into a midlife rededication or revolution!
  10. Sleep better.

Becoming a hero in your community doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome first, and our first priority is you! However, we are motivated by the idea that the work we do not only changes our client’s lives, but the lives of so many others. You aren’t required to help us fulfill our mission, but we sure hope we can convince you to join the movement to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place by being an involved and ethical business owner.