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$99 Drain Special

Contractor 20/20 Shares This Tip With You On Acquiring More Business & Hope That You Find This Helpful

Posted by Craig Cook
On Behalf Of Atlantis Plumbing

$99 drain cleaning is purely a gimmick, but it is also a very effective marketing strategy and when done right will inevitably result in substantially increased revenues.

Typically this sort of promotion will include a list of conditions or exclusions as long as a donkey’s tail. It’s a way of drawing in the customer and getting your foot in the door.

Very few jobs end up being done for only $99 because that is a total loss for the company, even for a one man shop working out of his garage. The idea is to up-sell, add-on, enhance, or do whatever is necessary to make the job profitable.

The primary objective of course is to include a FREE camera inspection with every clean so that further repairs can be sold such as a sewer line replacement, pipe relining or pipe bursting, etc. That’s where the big money is.

I personally don’t like gimmicks and do not use the $99 strategy of sucking in new customers. Most of our drain cleaning calls range in price from $275.00 up to $770.00 all sold on a flat rate basis.

We do however include the FREE camera inspection behind every drain clean. My best tech sold a total of $69,825.00 in sewer repairs last month by simply showing the homeowners the condition of their drains and making appropriate recommendations.

I hope this information helps.

Contractor 20/20 actively promotes marketing tips and techniques that you want to share.  We appreciate ideas and suggestions that deliver great service to the homeowner or business owner, while providing the contractor better ways to improve sales and ROI.