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Direct Mail for Plumbers, HVAC Companies and Electricians

Direct Mail for Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical CompaniesContractor 20/20 is the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industry direct mail expert. We have a variety of successful direct mail products that can help you retain current customers and attract new customers. Like all our products, we first start with research to figure out what kind of customers you naturally attract, where they live, and what kind of messages they respond to. Then we design your direct mail campaign and start mailing right away. Having tested hundreds of direct mail pieces in hundreds of markets, we know which types and varieties of direct mail products get results—down to the paper color!

Types of Mailers

Below is a list of the different types of mailers we use:

Thank You Cards

We mail handwritten thank you notes to the customers you have done work for in the last three months. This seems like a simple idea but you would be surprised how effective our specialized thank you cards are! They typically bring in $20 to $50 in sales for every $1 invested.

Neighbor Mailers

We send mailers to the neighbors of your customers one week after the service date. Normal sales are $6 to $10 for every dollar invested. It’s simple—your best new plumbing, HVAC, or electric customers likely live right next door to your best current customers.

General Public/New Customer Acquisition Mailings

With very strict targeting (by analyzing your current customer base using our psychographic and demographic research) and the right mailer, you can expect to earn $3 to $7 for every $1 invested, which is a much better return than most yellow page new customer costs. Plus, the new customer established from the general public will give you another point of reference for neighbor mailers introducing you to a new circle of friends.

New Mover Cards

We buy mailing lists that contain the names and addresses of homeowners who have recently moved to the area and send them postcards advertising your services. This gets your company’s name in front of them before they discover a problem with the house. This is also a good opportunity to offer free inspections or specials.


Newsletters are a great way to build warm feelings and improve customer retention. While public relations returns are hard to measure, we have been able to get direct results using coupons that have tested most effective for this medium. For more information on electrical, HVAC, or plumbing newsletters, click here.

Holiday Cards

Sending your customer a holiday card capitalizes on the sentimentality and good will of the season. Your customers will appreciate the nice gesture, and you will be included in their memories and expectations of the holiday. Plus, during the holiday season, facilities and equipment are often overused because of the guests who are visiting. Having your coupon/holiday card on the fridge, mantle, or even in the kitchen drawer gives you first dibs on the work.

Direct Mail is Your Greatest Tool

Direct mailing can and does attract new customers. We have tested our artwork and direct mail designs in multiple markets all over the USA and in Canada. When it comes to direct mail, Contractor 20/20 is the industry expert. If you are looking for a long term solution that both retains current customers and draws in new customers, then direct mail is a great tool to have in the tool box. For immediate results nothing beats direct mail. Enlist Contractor 20/20 to help you take you business to the next level. (607) 770-8933.