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All American Letter

From: Mike Morosi [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, April 4, 2016 2:52 PM
To:[email protected]‘ <[email protected]>
Cc:[email protected]‘ <[email protected]>
Subject: All American … went from 7% …. 20%+ net profit in just 3 months…. working with Contractor 20/20 since 2013 …

It’s for real>>>> call Mike Morosi (607) 770-8933 ask about our power pricing program with a safety net  

How long did it take for the price increase to result in 20%+ net profit? Less than 90 days”

From  ,..Lamont Goldstein [email protected]   direct line 209 509-5256

Read the full letter below:

From: Lamont Goldstein [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 5:49 PM
To: Mike Morosi <[email protected]>


Your consumer survey attached, indicated to me that with 97% customer retention you were eligible for a 45% price increase

NOTE (The 97% customer retention is derived by comparing the % of customer that remember you to the % ones that would use you again)

How soon after we did the consumer attached did you implement an increase prices? 3 months

What was the rate of net profit before the change? 7%

How long did it take for the price increase to result in 20%+ net profit? Less than 90 days

You told me you decided to re-invest some of that extra profit in wrapping your trucks rather than pay extra tax.  Yes that is true

Was wrapping the trucks a good use of the funds?  Extremely useful, people mention the trucks all the time

Did having the extra profit make it less financially stressful?  Absolutely

Has your total customer list grown since we started your work?   Went from 900K to 1.5 Million

Would you accept a free new customer survey to compare retention results?  I would be crazy not to….

How would you describe the qualities of customers you lost due to price increases?  Reduction of price shoppers

Do you have field experience or reports that prove that yard sings can be used to save dead deals?  Saved dozens of lost sales with yard signs

How quickly does Contractor 20/20 respond to your requests?  Immediately if not sooner

Do you feel heard and respected?  No question

How would you describe the pressure we put on you to make improvements to your company? Too much? About right? Too little?  About Right with a slight push

May I share this information with contractors more than 50 miles away from you? Please feel free to share this with anyone not in our market area

What advice would you give to Contractor considering Contractor 20/20 services?  They have been a results driven team that have been spot on and have driven our retention marketing program. 

What is your contact information please?    Lamont Goldstein  [email protected]   direct line 209 509-5256


All American Plumbing Heating & Air

940 G Street, Los Banos, CA. 93635

(209) 826-7400 Fx. (209) 826-8560


1)       Power pricing, to get net profits to 22% to protect yourself , your employees and your customers from the economy

85%________________80%___________________   75%___________________ 25%___________

10%________________ 15%____________________ 35%___________________ 75%___________

5%_________________10%____________________ 20%____________________ 5%____________

However to sure we got it right , three months after any client increases prices, we re do our consumer study to make sure that the client’s new retention level is acceptable.   

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