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From low profit stress to high profit bliss in 90 days … the real deal

How to turn a hectic stressful Low profit Contracting company
Into a high profit one in 90 days that’s a pleasure to own, grow and staff
and in 360 days
a blessing…a hero to your family , employees ,community and legacy

Please call Mike Morosi (607) 770-8933 x80 when you return

Let’s review the 8 topics below THE REAL DEAL

You can get started with just a $200 investment (the first ten contractors
get it for FREE each month)

Most contractors started off with just 3 services of the 30 that we offer.
Some Just one. Good for all … a year later that more than 9 or 10 of them
are still with us!

1)      Postcards mailed to 1//3 of their non-service agreement four year
customer list. to maximize customer retention and get $8 to $16 in sales per
1 dollar invested
2)      A consumer study that determine their optimal pricing and confirms
the quality of the consumers experience
3)      A study that narrows there marketing from 65 Experian based
personalities to 12 personalities , finally to the top 4 lowest new customer
cost personalities

But other have been so stung by bad marketing experiences, that they invest
only $200 …..
Then watch me turn $200 into $2000 or more in sales! With plumbing thank you
cards OR light telemarketing for hvac clients with 14 months no tune-up
service ….
Once that action pays for itself … then their trust is renewed so they can
move on to the next service.

The end result is that they can now utilize what took more than 20+ years
testing …re-testing and improving on the industries best thinkers to
achieve their dreams .
Contractor Lamont Goldstein “Went from 7% net profit to 20%+ net profit in
less than 90 days”
To Read the full testimonial for yourself just click here
A proven system helps you …

1)      Keep more the good customers you have ,

2)      replace the customers that are profit killers with profit builders ,

3)       get to 20% net+ profit …

4)      Root out and fix the profit leaks

5)      hire new staff at will ,

6)      become a hero contractor

7)      and more

Please call Mike Morosi (607) 770-8933 x80 when you return

Let’s and review the 8 topics below THE REAL DEAL

The real deal ….
1)      Get 95% of your customers to remember you (add power pricing link)
2)      Fire the 10% if customers that kill your profits
3)      Experiment with small price increase on service where the closing
rate is over 85% for repeat customer ….
4)      85% cust retention with 5% net profit or 75% cust retention with 20%
net profit …. You choose  click this link
Power pricing, to get net profits to 22% to protect yourself, your
employees and your customers from the economy …..I will explain this chart
when we chat …. It is the result of over 500 studies of top notch
85%___________________    5%_________________
80%___________________   10%________________
75%____________________  20%________________
25%____________________  5%_________________

5)      Keep the bottom feeders on slow days using Yard sings in exchange
for the discount click this link
6)      Replace the worst 10% of customers with great customers  click this
7)      Hire all the techs you need with our system
8)      Goal ….get net profit over 20% to protect you , your staff , your
customers from the economy….. click this link please

simply put … greater success starts with one call …. You set the pace
… so you are always comfortable and in charge.

Regarding Internet Marketing
Payne scoreboard shows $33 in sales per INTERNET dollar invested…. Click
this link to his internet scoreboard …
We work with companies from one to one hundred trucks
We want you to hit 22% profit in 120 days… then grow your company as fast
as you care to staff it … until your families goals become a reality.
So you can become a blessing to your family, your staff, your customers,
your church, your community and the entire world, as far as you dreams can
take you.

Please call Mike Morosi (607) 770-8933 x80 when you return

What is most important to you ?

Do you Lack profit? …Do you Lack work? … Need to retain more current
customers…Do you want to get more new customers…  Do you need more
techs… Do you need higher sales per call?
…Do you need to cut overhead? … Do you have a vision for a legacy??

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For a call back time 10:30 am or 2:30 pm or 4:30 pm  NY time pick any 3 days
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Appointment topics

1)      How to safely increase from 5% to 22% net profit in 120 days with no
harm to your brand

Then feel free to ask me about the problems below in the order that pleases

We can also  help with :
More work
More techs
Higher average tickets
Higher CSR closing rates
To save HVAC custotomers falling off the 18 month cliff
And more

We can help …. Better than before

Please drop me an email please when you are free to chat …  So I can make
you my next call

At your service..
Mike Morosi
The Profit Doctor

Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry Partner
And a Service Roundtable Consult Partner
Mike Morosi Pres, Contractor 20/20
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For “The 20% Net Profit Power Pricing System “
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For teaching videos and testimonial

People + process + product + pricing + promotion = high sustainable profits.
Direct Mail , Internet , Radio, and TV advertising… sales and service
Free Profit, Pricing and Employee Recruitment consulting.
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Grateful to serve over 250 contractors in 40 States


Ok the price is right, the service is great, the marketing is perfect …
but you still have low or no profits?

Where is the profit leakage?

Did you realize that a 50% csr or tech closing rate, will destroy your
Read below: Payne grew sales by $2,000,000.00 in 9 months …. 33% below
marketing budget

P.S.  profits continue to go up!

Click this link to see how we got the increase ….
Payne scoreboard shows $33 in sales per INTERNET dollar invested…. Click
this link to his internet scoreboard …