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The Short Story of Our Market Advantage 

Customer retention:

Stay in contact with and make your phone number easy to find for good customers who let you earn 20% net profit in order to maximize the number of customer who remember you and can find your phone number in their home 2 years after the service done.

Market based pricing:

Track the number of “customers that would use you again, and increase prices if needed to hit profit goals when retention exceeds 75%. Conversely lower prices on items with a lower than 85% closing rate with repeat customers.

Precise Targeting for new customers:

Of the 65 personalities, available there are only 16 that typically like to buy from high price /service companies. Most likely only 4 personalities will have results good enough to have the required ROI to pursue.

2 Smart Advertising Budgets:

  1. One for the actual cost of maximizing retention
  2. based of past performance account for cost of getting enough new customers to fill the open appointments.

In any case, normally your sales goal needs to push overhead under 40% (50% for electrical).

If your brand is strong enough it is a good move to fund the extra advertising thru price increases.

Methods to close dead deals

If you have time to fill we know proven methods to get a second bite on a dead deal, without embarrassing your staff, by getting the customer to “earn the discount.”

With the 4 tactics accomplished ….to the degree that you stay from KPI’s

you need outside consults to maximize results. Until the 4 tactics  are accomplished correcting KPI’s is like “trying to set up a tent in a windstorm”

CSC under 75%+ closing rates (Get help)

Tech closing rates for service under 75% (Get help)

Average service sale under 2 ½ vs hourly rate (Get help)

Direct labor including benefits over 25% (Get help–except for union shops)

Fuel over 2% (Get help)

Overhead over 40% (Get help)

Net profit under 18% (Get help)

We have 28 tactics in our toolbox to fix these KPI issues.

If all the tactics tested and proven at conventions were implemented… net profits of 40%… would be the norm!

But just like the high jump at the Olympics, 20 years from now our brothers will look back at us and laugh at what we now call success. 

Remember we are the expert’s in …Radio TV internet radio creation and placement…Website construction and promotion…Search engine optimization…Internet re-targeting of visitors

Geo fencingInternet invasionHero branding, to build and bullet proof your brand  … Profit, pricing analysis and repair … Employee recruitment … Tech & CSR sales training by partners

Our consult Partners Flat rate books with that show the homeowner the choice of  Band aid, good , better , best  options …. A tactic  proven to increase average sales by mediocre techs

OK …brace yourself…. Here is the  30year… 20 million dollar of research … full story of our market advantage

INDEX look for the keys to the left

key1  above all you need to get started

key2 the full details on 20% plus power pricing

key3the next steps, The freedom, The payoff

 key4Profit builder MENU: 25 Tactics to consider

key5C20/20 school of hard knocks

 key6the 20%+ Profit ladder

key7the Full Battle plan

key-400x300Info 2

this chart below will explain how this chart is your roadmap to 20%+ net profit in 90 days

To protect yourself, your employees and your customers from the economy ….

It is the result of over 500 studies of top notch contractors


LIMIT YOUR RISK AND STRESS …as each tactic pays for itself………… that’s when you do the next tactic as needed to reach your goals

Precision 65 PERSONALITY BASED targeted DIRECT MAIL study lets you narrow down marketing to JUST the 10% BEST of prospects


 key-400x300Info 3

The next steps

Reduce overhead costs

Increase CSR AND TECH closing rates

Increase average tickets

Reduce stress


The freedom

Be ready to buy up competitors for 10cent on the dollar during the next downturn

Stop bad reports online

Get 33 dollars in sales for each dollar invested in the internet

Use the cutting-edge technologies for marketing and management

Track the KPI to prioritize attention to problems

Reduce stress


The payoff

Have time to enjoy your life to the fullest

Be a hero to your community

Be a hero to your customers

Be a hero and a role model to you employees

Be a hero to you family

Be a hero to your church

Build a lasting legacy

Retire rich

Reduce stress

 key-400x300Info 4


Profit builder MENU: 25 Tactics to consider

OK …. We only need 4 of these tactics to work to achieve all of your goals …. So with 25 ready and proven … we pack 6x the firepower necessary to win!


2 new services 1) Employee recruitment and training systems plus 2) Light telemarketing to rescue inactive13 to 16 month customers from the 18mo federal do not call rules.

Federal penalties under the Do Not Call prohibitions are $16,000 per violation. The TCPA levies fines of $500. Per violation, and $15,000 per violation showing intent.” CUSTOMER RETENTION

  1. Mail 1/3 base each month … to keep the 22% of coupon addicts from being lured away and increase retention 10%, and get $8 to $16 in sales per dollar invested
  2. Outside the kitchen window therms
  3. Equipment stickers
  4. Newsletters
  5. Call HVAC customers with no service done in last 13 months
  6. Yard signs
  7. Bid on own name in ad words
  8. Proven white pages ads
  9. Proven small yellow page ads


  1. Internet marketing that gets $4 to $11 in new customers and $8 to $22 in repeated custom­ers for every dollar invested
  2. Direct mail to new customers based upon credit company personality mosaic data
  3. Direct mail to neighbors
  4. Go for the gold pricing with yard sign discounts as a safety net …
  5. ROI review of current internet marketing using Dynamic phone tracks of call sources and search words and search engines used to reduce internet new customer cost to $25 to $125
  6. Radio and TV to reduce new customer cost by 35% through improved top of mind positive awareness
  7. Internet radio … generate website visits from under $2 new customers from even $9 to $27
  8. Yard signs to attract sales
  9. Billboards
  10. Church directories
  11. Community promotions
  12. News paper
  13. Yellow page stickers
  14. Movie theater ads
  15. Hero branding… that build a wall of protection around your brand, stop bad reviews BEFORE the happen
  16. Geo fencing … your ad on the cell phones of people with smart phone that visit your competitor’s show rooms
  17. Web invasion … plant web ads on customers and prospects web browsing … time without a visit to your site … just their name and address to work with.
  18. Also … retargeting your website visitors … Go to … see how many times you see their banner show up with web surfing.
  19. And more


Read below: Payne grew sales by $2,000,000.00 in 9 months …. 33% below marketing budget

P.S.  profits continue to go up!

Click this link to see how we got the increase ….

Payne scoreboard shows $33 in sales per INTERNET dollar invested…. Click this link to his internet scoreboard …

Call Mike Morosi Pres, Contractor 20/20 ……. 607 770 8933 x80 for a free initial consultation …  Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry Partner and a Service Roundtable Consult Partner

A service of Multimedia Advertising Services LLC Grateful to serve over 250 contractors in 40 States

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Welcome to “the Contractor marketing school of hard knocks”, the result of  30 years of study and over 30 million in testing

key1 (KEY TOPIC 1) Click here: (Why Contractors work 30 years to earn 10 years of profit and how you can do better!)


key2 (KEY TOPIC 2) Click here: (For proof that you can go from 5% net profit to 22% profit in 90 days)


key3 (KEY TOPIC 3)  Click here: (To learn how to build the foundational actions that get started on the journey to personal and financial success)


key4 (KEY TOPIC 4)  Click here: (For the bottom line ….to not merely Survive … but in fact PROSPER)


key5 (KEY TOPIC 5)  Click here: (Our tool box of retention …growth…..quality…..efficiency….overhead reduction  personal fulfillment…. Tactics)


key6 (KEY TOPIC 6)  Click here: (For more proof demonstrating just how  working direct mail … radio and internet together gets you  for outstanding results)


key7 (KEY TOPIC 7)  Click here: (How to get great internet marketing results)


key8 (KEY TOPIC 8)    Click here: (Become a local hero contractor being immune from attacks by competitors)


key9 (KEY TOPIC 9)   Click here: (STOP bad reviews, before they happen)


key10 (KEY TOPIC10)  Click here: (For the information we need from you to help you achieve YOUR goals and YOU ARE in tune with YOUR comfort level)


key11(KEY TOPIC11)  Click here: (Final thoughts and KPI tracking)


key12(KEY TOPIC12)   Click here: (Battle Plan)


key13(KEY TOPIC 13)   Click here:  (Credit card authorization form)


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Getting lost in a sea of facts, ok this can help unscramble your brain

The Summary of the 20%+ Profit Ladder

  1. Track customer satisfaction & customer retention to determine opportunities for price increases if satisfaction is over 75%.
  2. Start tracking the 10 key numbers that tell you how well your utilize your leads and where the money goes. Worksheet 1
  3. Start tracking the lead sources and the cost of those leads. Worksheet 2 & 3
  4. Price up gross profits to be 58% on service; 51% on stalls;

at 50% billable hourly efficiency; 75% billable hours on installs.

  1. Determine what level of revenue is needed to put overhead in proper balance

with the sales level of both service & installation departments.

  1. Maximize sales to past customers using proven direct mail,

magnets & window thermometers.

  1. Utilize well tested proven promotions to sell of unsold time to new customers.
  2. Determine the actual new customer costs and adjust new customer

prices to fund those costs.

  1. If your yellow page new customer cost is over $50, consider using layouts

that have a better national record of accomplishment.

  1. Utilize proven, radio, TV, and cable to maximize internet results, yellow pages,

direct mail and newspaper response, as well as maximizing the direct results from

the medias themselves proven to drop new customer cost up to 35%.

  1. Set up a system to catch technicians stealing your customers and materials.
  2. Set up systematic marketing review to refine and correct for market changes

to get pricing, staff, marketing sales and profit goals.

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Thank you

At your service..

Mike Morosi

The Profit Doctor



Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry Partner

And a Service Roundtable Consult Partner 

Mike Morosi Pres, Contractor 20/20

607 770 8933 x80 for a free initial consultation


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People + process + product + pricing + promotion = high sustainable profits.

Direct Mail , Internet , Radio, and TV advertising… sales and service

Free Profit, Pricing and Employee Recruitment consulting.

A service of Multimedia Advertising Services LLC

Grateful to serve over 250 contractors in 40 States



Ok the price is right, the service is great, the marketing is perfect … but you still have low or no profits? 

Where is the profit leakage? 

Did you realize that a 50% csr or tech closing rate, will destroy your company

Call Mike Morosi Pres, Contractor 20/20 ……. 607 770 8933 x80 for a free initial consultation  …  Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry Partner  And a Service Roundtable Consult Partner

A service of Multimedia Advertising Services LLC Grateful to serve over 250 contractors in 40 States