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When people worry about the economy, they try to save. All of us do it.

Performing your own plumbing repairs is a good example. DIY can save money. But it can also cost.

The Dishwasher
For a plumber, replacing a dishwasher is simple. We do it all the time. We do it fast. We do it well. Many homeowners have the skill to replace their own dishwasher. More power to them. But George (not his real name) did not. Somehow, George managed to flood his kitchen. That’s when George’s wife called us. We came out. George was embarrassed. George’s wife was furious. It was an uncomfortable situation. While we could quickly install the new dishwasher, the water restoration from the flood was going to take weeks, involve insurance, and cost George his full deductible. George certainly didn’t save any money. He also didn’t earn many points on the homefront.

The Toilet
Not all DIY disasters result in home floods. Some are just inconvenient. George is a different George (also not his real name) decided he would fix a leaky toilet after watching a home improvement show on water waste.
His inclination to save water was a good one. Most homes waste lots of water without anyone realizing it. George’s problem was his lack of familiarity with home plumbing. He remembered an instruction from the show to shut off the water to the toilet. Not only did George shut off the water to the toilet, but he shut off the water to the bathroom faucet. When George finished his repair, he forgot to open the hot and cold water shut off valves under the sink. The toilet worked, but the sink didn’t. This may seem like an obvious problem, but it stumped George. It stumped him for a week. Finally, he called us out. George explained that he repaired the leaky toilet and then the faucet quit working. The plumber found the problem. The shut off valve was the first thing he checked after trying the faucet. The plumber felt bad charging a service call for something so simple, so he performed a complementary dye test on the toilet. He wanted a very embarrassed George to feel good about the repair he made to salvage a little of his self-esteem. The problem was George’s repair didn’t work. The plumber fixed the leak, but didn’t charge for opening the shut off valves. So, George didn’t pay more financially, just psychologically, not to mention time and the loss of a week’s use of the bathroom sink.

Sometimes doing it yourself can save, but usually you’re better off calling a professional. For example, we consider ourselves to be pretty good mechanics, but when one of our service trucks breaks down or needs routine maintenance, we take it to the garage and let professionals handle it faster, better, and ultimately cheaper than we could do it ourselves. If you want to save money, here’s a better way. Use the coupon below. Call 123-456-7890 for all plumbing repairs. We’ll fix it fast, fix it right, and fix it for $25 less with the coupon below.