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Here’s How You Can Enjoy a Little “Economic Stimulus” of Your Own This Year

The banks get a government bailout. The automakers get a government bailout. Does it seem like you’re the only person in the country who is not getting a government bailout? Guess what? Now you get one!

Your government wants to give you up to $1,500. It’s not a loan like they’re giving to banks and automakers. No, it’s free cash. And the best part is you don’t even have to appear before Congress to get it.

In February of this year, President Obama signed an Economic Stimulus Bill designed to create jobs by making infrastructure improvements, helping homeowners with home purchases, and so on. One of the ways it will create jobs is by encouraging homeowners to invest in energy efficiency for their homes. The stimulus actually provides very substantial tax credits to you when you upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system and install high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps.

“What exactly is a tax credit?” you ask. Good question. In simple terms, it’s just like cash from the government. It’s better than a tax “deduction.” A tax deduction simply reduces your taxable income In short, you can get as much as $1,500 from Uncle Sam for upgrading your heating and cooling system. But it gets even better. Today’s state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning equipment is more efficient than ever. The technology has improved, which means your utility bills will shrink. Because your investment in your home is being subsidized by the government and because it reduces your utilities, it beats virtually any investment currently available. Put a dollar into the stock market and it may or may not increase. Put a dollar into your heating and air conditioning system and the return is not only guaranteed, the government will help you pay for it.

Plus, financial returns are taxed. Investments in home technology that generate a return by lowering your bills are tax free!

The reason the government is pushing home energy efficiency (i.e., paying you to make your house more efficient) is that it’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to reduce the country’s energy use. When you and millions of other consumers take advantage of this tax credit, the country will see a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, less need to build new power plants and their accompanying transmission lines, and more. To earn your $1,500 tax credit on next year’s taxes, we need to install the “qualifying” equipment this year. Aside from selecting the right equipment (we can help you), the program is simple.

There are no crazy hoops to jump through and no stacks of paperwork to fill out. It’s just a simple form that you file with your taxes. The government has made it very easy to take advantage of this program. With the topsy-turvy stock market, your best investment is in your home and family. Call us at INSERTNUMBER.

We’ll be happy to set up a time to take a look at your existing system and explain your options. We’ll also provide a free energy analysis so you can see just how much you’ll save, and of course we’ll show you how to take advantage of this limited-time program.