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Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Internet MarketingThe internet allows for people to easily and quickly find the products and services that they need just by typing in a few words and making a couple of clicks. The companies that are the easiest to find online and showcase the most useful material to their potential customers are the companies that have the greatest likelihood for success. So what about the small business, the little guy, the great company that just doesn’t have a lot of money to invest in internet marketing? Sometimes the small business gets squashed by the big business with the fancy website, and the active social media pages. At Contractor 20/20, we don’t just keep the little guy from being squashed—we put him on the path to success!

Online Marketing on a Budget
Our team of internet marketing professionals can work with just about any budget to get a small business started with an internet marketing campaign. We communicate with you to determine how your marketing investment can best be utilized. Is it most important that you have a new search engine optimized website? Could pay-per-click advertising be your ticket to success? Is your small business missing out because it lacks a strong social media presence? Do you need your business to come up in more local web searches? We work directly with you so that we can pinpoint your goals and develop the best strategy to achieve them. At Contractor 20/20 we’re happy to start small to stay within your budget because we know that a little internet marketing can take a small business a long ways; then after you see a boost in sales you may want to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Sometimes small business owners are reluctant to begin an internet marketing campaign because they are wary about if they will see definitive results. At Contractor 20/20 we believe in tracking results and displaying them clearly. You’ll see the return on investment figures, so you’ll know that your investment is money well spent. We want you to be able to easily compare where your business was before and after you started marketing with Contractor 20/20 because we are confident you’ll be pleased with the difference.
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