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local search for plumbersWhen a person is in need of your product or service, he reaches for the nearest computer or mobile device and runs a quick internet search.  This potential customer is then presented with an extraordinarily long list of results to choose from, but, chances are, he is looking for someplace local.  If, for example, he’s seeking a plumber to come to his house in Massachusetts, he’s probably not interested in the listing for the plumber in Alaska.  So, it is extremely important that if your business has a physical location, it also has an optimized local search campaign.  This is your chance to get local SEO at an affordable cost by a reputable company.  A solid local SEO campaign starts with consistent, accurate NAP information. (name, address, phone number)  It is critical to your rankings locally that the directories and citations for your company are consistent. At Contractor 20/20, one of our primary goals is to make sure that your business ranks as high as possible in the local search results at the appropriate times and in the right areas.  Because generally 94% of users don’t make it beyond the first page of search results, our local search campaigns work to make sure your website is high enough on the list to connect your business with the people who are most likely to find the products and services you offer useful.  Optimized local listings will generate profitable leads by attracting the people looking for your services right now in and around your area. Important local search listings for your business include:

Google Local  Google has one of the most highly effective local search listings because it offers businesses the opportunity to be placed high among local search results.  Not only will users be able to easily find your business’s basic information, but they can also view your business’s photos and videos, as well as access scoring and reviews. Google Brand Pages A Google business page will enable your business to interact with circles of customers, and, through social networking and marketing, build even larger circles of customers.  A little bit of social networking through Google can take your business a surprisingly long way. Increased local traffic to your website equates to increased business for your company, so send us a message or give Contractor 20/20 a call today!  (607) 770-8933