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Low Credit Customer Financing for Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Companies

Low Credit Customer FinancingOne of the worst ways to lose a job is when a customer simply cannot get the financing needed to pay for the work or equipment. Sixty percent of the American public is maxed out, has bad credit, or no credit at all. When a customer says “no” to a job because of financing, all the advertising dollars and time spent landing the customer fall to the wayside. At Contractor 20/20, we have your solution. Originally we set out looking for financing for our own customers who were building new websites, but when we found the solution we realized that this could actually be a great tool to help our customers save jobs lost due to financing.

Paramount Payment Systems is a “third look financing” program that approves 60-70% of the time. We have looked into Paramount Payment Systems and below is our understanding and recommendations regarding their system. It is important to note that this is our personal assessment and Paramount has in no way influenced our opinion.

Paramount Payment Systems has some great financial connections and ratings. Here are a few:

How does it work?

Two potential problems with the “no recourse” system:

  1. If you make errors on the consumer application that make it impossible for Paramount to go to collections. Paramount takes back unpaid funds.
  2. If the consumer goes to their bank and claims identity fraud you must send your copy of the signed order and finance applications to the consumers bank or Paramount takes back the unpaid funds.

Your obligations

Interested in learning more?

We think this third look financing program could be helpful to our clients and their customers. If you are interested in the latest information about this offer give us a call.