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Online Review & Reputation Management for Plumbers & HVAC Companies

Reputation Management for PlumbersManaging one’s brand and reputation has always been an important part of running a business. At Contractor 20/20, our customer retention program, advertising, and “happy call” systems help reinforce your brand. However, with the advent of the internet new concerns have arisen. Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, Google Plus and others have created an environment where customers, angry or happy, can leave lengthy and detailed reviews of your company that are easily accessible through a simple Google search or an annual membership. Many customers depend on these reviews to determine which companies they should call. Because of this, part of reputation management now involves stopping bad reviews before they happen.  At Contractor 20/20, we have created a system that stops bad reviews before they happen and gives your happy customers a place to brag about your service.

Contractors United For Good

When Mike started hearing his clients complain about the unfair internet reviews they were receiving, he noticed one commonality—many were never given the opportunity to fix the problem that the customer complained about. With this in mind Mike developed Contractors United for Good. Part philanthropic and part reputation management, this organization connects contractors to important charities and gives technicians a tool to stop bad reviews before they happen. Before leaving the job site, technicians thank customers for the opportunity to do their work, inform them of their bill of rights regarding the service, and allow the customer to select a charity that the tech’s company will make a donation to. The tech then explains that if any problems arise with the work they can call the owner, or call Contractors United for Good who can mediate any concerns they have. Some people feel uncomfortable with confrontation and would be unwilling to speak to the owner. These are the same people who will then use the internet as an outlet for their frustrations. Contractors United for Good gives the customer a different outlet that not only allows them to vent their frustration, but also connects them to the solution—you. You give to charity helping us to fulfill our mission to make the world a better place, and we help you manage bad reviews before they happen by giving you a fair shot to fix the problem. Contractors United for Good is designed to:

  1. Stop bad internet reviews before they happen.
  2. Give you a third party endorsement with predictable and reasonable standards.
  3. Give you a way to deal with customer complaints in a fair and friendly manner.
  4. Keep reputation management costs low.
  5. Give you great point of purchase reputation building opportunities.
  6. Optional low cost local pay per click and/or local search engine optimization.
  7. A fair standard of 75% complaint resolution to keep great service companies as members.
  8. A system of automatic quality control that protects members and consumers.
  9. Low cost. $0 set up. $15 a month membership. $15 per mediation as needed. No contract. Cancel anytime.

Impact of Reviews in Local Search

With the strong focus on digital tools, most consumers research local businesses using online reviews. In fact, around 90% of customers claim their buying decisions stem solely from online reviews of nearby businesses, according to marketing research. Whether you intend to focus on improving online reviews or not is a decision for your business to make. Regardless, online reviews are crucial for several reasons:

Google adores information. The search engine giant is constantly revamping their search engine protocols to ensure users can find the most comprehensive information regarding local businesses. One part of their algorithm stems from online reviews. The better reviewed a company, the more likely their services are to be on display. Google will consider the average star rating, where your reviews come from, and the rate at which online reviews are received. The better your rating, the higher your search engine ranking.

The Service Angel Award Journal

The Service Angel Award Journal is a website designed to give your happy customers a place to brag about your service. We post letters, videos, and phone interviews from your happy customers as well as display your certificates, organization memberships, company newsletter, charity participation, and employee standards and accomplishments. Linked to your website and social media, your Service Angel Award Journal also helps create a citation that builds your website ranking. Not everyone can be on this website—only members of Contractors United for Good who have a fair standard of 75% complaint resolution. As third party organizations, Contractors United for Good and the Service Angel Award Journal help you prove your trustworthiness in an industry where trustworthiness is everything.

To learn more about our system and join give us a call today.

Third Party Review Building Products

Contractor 20/20 has searched high and low to find the best review building programs on the marketing.  We have strategically partnered with these vendors and recommend only the best to our client.  Our clients enjoy the same benefits of these programs at a group discounted rate.