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Please consider the rest of problems we solve? Below are 6 of 28…. Bottom line… Why work 30 years to 10 years of profit?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1) Cutting EDGE …The 3-cent solution for more new customers, repeat customers, employee recruitment

This tactic is In the “testing stage “ and  only available to can afford to put $2000 at risk  with a big opportunity but a short track record

2) Our 60 day delay hand written appreciation cards  44 to 1 return

Cost $ 2484 / Sold $110,905)

PENNING Plumbing Heating and Cooling – 2017 THANK YOU CARD SALES REPORT

3) Pandora internet radio wins …. gets new customer, low low cost ,,

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Targeted By zip , gender ,music style and more

From 50 cents to $2 per website visit   based a infallible tracking

4) Achieve net profits you likely never thought possible even 15 to 22% net  

5) Bring Dead deals back to life

With FREE dead deal savers system report cards you provide from your customer to neighbors start

and yard signs that attract new customers, brand repeat ones and also bring dead deals back to life

6) Internet marketing tips

Are you getting your fair share of sales?  such as … $40,000 a month in website sales per 100,000 service area population

  1. Do you Get $25 in sales for each $1 invested ?  If not … we need to chat
  2. increased sales over 2 million in 9 months …
  3. 2018 update still going strong …

Let’s discover … your actual website sales to repeat and new customers … find out with our 14-day free call monitoring report

o   The Plumbing heating cooling electrical industries marketing authority 

o    Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry and a Service Roundtable Consult Partner

o   Mike Morosi … Founder, coach, speaker, teacher, author

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