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Founders Wonderful Vision to Empower You

The Contractor 20/20 team invested more than 20 years and over 20 million alongside the original 500 owners blazed the trail to create this “Wonderful Profit, Retention,  New Customer Acquisition System “

How wonderful?… This system, grew our VA client’s sales by $2,000,000.00 that’s 2 million in 9 months with only $700 at risk  all the other costs paid by existing customers

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o    We want to arm you to profit from investments you never made, and the pains of experience you never endured,

o   So once establish, as it pleases you, you can then choose to be a blessing to family, your work team & others near or far.

o   The business owners and Contractor 20/20 team , together Created the 6 essential and 22 optional success tactics by investing, testing, tracking, re-testing perfecting. Faith filled Prayer.

o    My greatest business satisfaction is the result of what the team, the founders and grace have achieved.

o   Together we created a wonderful less stressful path to success a path that has turned high hopes & dreams into wonderful reality.

o  Offering owners Relief from Grief, Family Problems, Stress, Conflicts.

Ø  What is the value of things the founders did? the dreams achieved … the time to enjoy friends and family … not only doing well but also doing good?

Ø  I believe these things are of Great Value …Thanks to those who lead the way.

Ø  Now over the next 12 years the next generation of Contractor 20/20 leadership already in place, are excited to be of service & innovate … already carrying the torch to new heights.


The freedom from fear: Set aside 1/3 of the profit increases for retirement or the opportunity to buy up competitors for 10 cents on the dollar during the next business cycle downturn.

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Bottom line : Make  work LESS stressful MORE profitable, having more time or family reclaim your life &Engage important charitable pursuits

o   How about turning around one troubled grandchild OR building a youth center to help hundreds? Money in the right hands will do great things,

o    How do we define what winning looks and feels like ? >


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