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Info Needed to Start Your Art and Studies

Items in RED are critical to get started down the road to progress

To get started with your project I need certain information. You can reply to this email and just fill in/attach the information below:


1)Your zip code. If you have multiple locations, we need the zip code for each area.

2)The radius around the zip code(s) you serve

3)The type(s) of work you do

4)The 4 most important zips codes to survey the opinions of the public

5) A list of 500 recent residential customers with phone numbers



Please send the attachments to your software support person regarding the mailing list formats we can use …

Up to 1000 or a year whichever is greater  of your most recent customers (name and address) to analyze your best demographic target for mailers.

Please send me by email:

A copy of your logo

A list with the names and addresses, by month, of residential customers you did work for in the last three months

 to get your thank you card program started.

A list with the names and addresses of residential customers you did work for in the last four years

 to get your customer retention program started.

The phone numbers for your post cards and (optional ) the cities that number serves.

Peachtree – Exporting Data

Good List Format

Mailing Lists From QB-CMS-Wintac-Shaffers

List Submission and Formatting

Pull Names Phone From QB


For QuickBooks customers

Quickbooks Pro 2001




Export Addresses

Select              All Customers 1jobs              (A press to text files)

Save in: Desktop

Filename: Addresses   .txt   if it automatically defaults to *.txt get rid of the *  change it to Addresses.txt


Then the first time you open the computer it will show this message:

This fine is too large for notepad to open.

Would you like to use WordPad to read this File?

Yes   No


Choose yes

Add the File as an attachment to the email. To [email protected]


Then we need another list in an excel file


Then sales by customer summary

Then change the date range (four years) hit refresh

Then email that report    To [email protected]






The Year your company started

Number of techs

Percentage of work done for home owners

For HVAC service sales _______________ vs. replacement sales__________________________

For HVAC number or service agreements


Please email or fax 607-770-6208 a copy of your phone book ad.


What were your sales in the last 12 months?

What percentage were new customers?

What did you spend on advertising in the last 12 months?

This is so we can determine what your current cost to acquire NEW customers is running.


I will be sending you, by the next email, some tracking sheets. Please call me at your convenience to discuss them.


At your service,

Mike Morosi

607-770-8933 x 80