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Key Topic #1: Why contractors work 30 years to earn 10 years of profit. You can do better!

key1For the vast majority, due to misunderstanding of supply vs. demand and psychologically based unreasonable fears

The rejection from white collar homeowners. Mimics’ the rejection endured by white color teachers through grade school and beyond

Due to these factors contractors waste the money, time, energy and emotions

That are rightfully belong to their families, churches, community, staff, legacy and their health,

It’s the ones they love the most that suffer the most.

They die younger. Poorer, physically weaker and disappointed than they should.

I just can’t go back in time and attend the hundred children’s softball games I missed for no good reason.

What I can do is help you to avoid that mistake and others likewise.

The cure …starts with one bold statement.

“Any homeowner who won’t let me earn 20% net profit, is no friend of mine”

Now having dedicated over 20 years of study and refinement … and over 5 million in testing with over 250 contractors

Contractor 20/20… has the proven cure!!!

key1 ​(KEY TOPIC 1) Click here …..Why Contractors work 30 years to earn 10 years of profit and how you can do better!

key2 ​(KEY TOPIC 2) Click here….. for proof that you can go from 5% net profit to 22% profit in 90 days


key3 ​(KEY TOPIC 3) Click here …..To learn how to build the foundational actions that get started on the journey to personal and financial success

key4 ​(KEY TOPIC 4) Click here …..for the bottom line ….to not merely Survive … but in fact PROSPER

key5 ​(KEY TOPIC 5) Click here …..our tool box of retention …growth…..quality…..efficiency….overhead reduction  personal fulfillment…. Tactics  

key6 ​(KEY TOPIC 6) Click here …..for more proof demonstrating just how  working direct mail … radio and internet together gets you  for outstanding results

key7 ​(KEY TOPIC 7) Click here ….how to get great internet marketing results

key8 ​(KEY TOPIC 8)   Click here …..Become a local hero contractor being immune from attacks by competitors

key9 ​(KEY TOPIC 9)   Click here        STOP bad reviews, before they happen

key10 ​(KEY TOPIC 10)   Click here …..for the information we need from you to help you achieve YOUR goals and YOU ARE  in tune with YOUR comfort level

key11​ (KEY TOPIC 11)   Click here ….. Final thoughts and KPI tracking

key12 (KEY TOPIC 12)   Click here ….. Battle Plan

key13​(KEY TOPIC 13)   Click here ….. credit card authorization form