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Key Topic #4: The Bottom Line. To Not Merely Survive, But in Fact PROSPER

key41)  $325   Media Study…Low Cost Brand Building thru Radio, TV, Cable TV options 

In most markets, you can reach customers 37 times on radio or TV for every 1 time you reach them by direct mail. In the long run, radio and TV are the best way to

build name recognition and influence mass numbers of new customers. We uncover Radio, TV, cable, billboard and movie theater marketing that’s proven successful

and low cost through competitive bids and use of Nielson and Arbitron ratings that get you higher ROI. Ready made to grow your sales…We call every radio, TV and

Cable station in your area to determine the most efficient ways to build awareness.

The right message, to the right people, the right number of times can reduce your new customer cost 35%+ and increase existing customer retention

Now able to target by zip code , age , gender and music style generating website visits for under $1.25 each

Need proof ….Here’s the beef…….


2)   $ 540/ 100 Patriotic Yard signs and stands

to resurrect a dead deals, after a price increase or on slow days … as a safety net free second bite you can offer 12 neighbor cards with a Hand written note from the home owner in exchange for a discount…Or PATRIOTIC YARD SIGNS, to resurrect a dead deals, or after a price increase or on slow days and attract new customers and build up TOMA


3) Employee Recruitment

Every month you have an empty truck in need of a tech you lose $16,000 in unpaid overhead and $7,000 in lost profit, here are 12 ways to fill that seat with the right person


4)   Kill the profit killers

Ok the price is right, the service is great, the marketing is perfect … but you still have low or no profits? Where is the profit leakage?

A 50% Csr or Tech closing rate …. Employee theft …. Excessive staffing or expanse can wreck your profits… our partners can uncover and fix them before they do!


5) Low pressure phone calls

Let us schedule HVAC tune ups HVAC customers before they fall into 18 month the federal “do not call “$16,000 per call violation” zone


LIMIT YOUR RISK AND STRESS …Once a tactic pays for itself, that’s when you do the next if needed