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Start Up Plan

Just 3 steps to start

Each of the other steps after start up  pay for themselves … and best yet …your customer funds the cost

First get your profits up …. (It’s amazing the problems you can fix when you have the cash on hand from high net profits)

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1  Consumer Study for POWER PRICING   $425

How much can you increase sales by increasing the percentage of prior customer that remember you ?

How much can you increase prices without doing harm to your brand?

To accomplish this study, we must call up to 500 recent prior customers to get enough data to complete the survey

For more deatil click ….new link 2

Once completed the study we will send you all completed surveys along with analysis and comparisons to the industries best performers and rec­ommendations for action in a bound book.

Over  500 studies show well over 80% of contractors have no good reason to earn less than 20% net                                                                                OK …for a fact Most Contractor work 30 years for 10 years of profit Why should you?1.

Why earn just 5% 10 % net profit …  When 15% to 22% is achievable for most normal quality contractors?

2)  Art and retention list preparation for retention and new customer direct mail   start up $150   

 Sending postcards and letters proven to retain prior customers and increase sales often 10% or more

Most contractors who do not mail their base have only 80% of their MOST RECENT customers that remember them.

What can cards proven by $34 million in testing that cost from 45 Cents ea. including postage printing & Addressing do?

Nore detai link 3

Just by mailing your base anything (even your favorite recipe) you can increase sales even 10%.

For some reason when we mail Handwritten appreciation you note to your last 3 months customers: you get $20 to $50 in sales for every $1 invested, then send us the prior month ‘s list on the 15th

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3)  A Precision 65 PERSONALITY BASED Targeting for  direct mail . internet , and geo-targeting …. Start Up $150

This study lets us Improves results 327% compared to traditional demographic targeting … for a fact …we did the side by side testing to improve results.   We must match the personality of your company to the consumer’s personality to hit the right target customers, We use the same data used to determine credit scores. Plus use national data bases to profile your most likely new customers based on your current profiles. Check out this link….Get all the new customers you need based upon credit company mosaic personalizes  you attract                                

Let’s get started with this smart  3 part foundation  :

1  Consumer Study for POWER PRICING   $425

2 ) Art and retention list preparation for retention and new customer direct mail  start up $150

3) A Precision 65 PERSONALITY BASED Targeting for  direct mail . internet , and geo-targeting …. Start Up $150

Totals $725 ….less 10% prepay discount =$652 … or 4 payments of $181 … whatever works best for you!

No Kidding ….This Startup program is designed to hit 20%+ Net Profit in 90 -120 days

Next ….Then as soon as you see the direct mail retention earn profit (normally in 10 days after mailing) then get the Patriotic Yard Signs job saver as a safety net ASAP 

Then we use the “Patriotic Yard Signs Job Saver System” as a safety net Used to close dead deals and a low-cost way attract neighbors