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Dave talks about how plain Jane cards sold him over $ 200,000 in new
customers in at the bottom
of the last great recession.


Doug  reveals just  how our plain cards beat his fancy slick AD agency card
and all he does is
reinvest the profits from our work.


Rodney talks about the great results he got from radio and TV the same week
he started

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From: Heather Appleton [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 3:05 PM
Subject: Updated Valentine Card results

2016 – mailed approx. 30,000
Total sales after coupon $124,980.80


I need to also mention that some customers even called and thanked us for the Valentine (especially the older customers, they really liked it J)

I would like to know if we can send this card to a mailing list this year rather than just the current customer base? We have expanded our territory this year and would like to expand our marketing as well.

Thanks & Happy New Year!

Heather Appleton
(540) 347-0765 Warrenton
(540) 825-6332 Culpeper
(703) 754-3301 Gainesville
Serving Our Community SINCE 1976


[mailto:[email protected]]
To: Mike Morosi
Subject: Thank you cards


Per your inquiry, we have been sending thank you cards for a little over 5 years. The results are:

21,912 mailed at a cost of $18,406.00

1290 sales for a total of $659,582.00

I think we will be continuing to mail unless I were to go brain dead.


R. Penning


On Behalf Of Doug
Subject: Re: slow

I’m out of my office this afternoon but I had to respond. Mike’s postcard program has kept our phones ringing. We mail cards every month except Dec. – Feb. because that is our busy season and we have all that we can handle. However, things slow down after Feb. hitting the usual low spot around June. We have Mike mail out an amount that he and I discuss each month so I can control our work load without having to deal with fluctuating manpower needs. It allows for a controlled pattern for growth if that’s what you want to do or you can simply maintain at the level you are now. That’s your choice but the direct mail, if done with the right ad piece, can pay for the initial investment quickly so that all you are really doing is to keep respending the same money over and over. Also, track your results so you know what works and what doesn’t. One surprising fact is that people hang on to our coupons. We did a call a few weeks ago where the lady used a coupon she received from us in Oct. 2006.

It has worked well for us and it’s time for our next mailing to go out. Give him a call, I know I will.

Doug Santoro ( former owner and PHCC board member )

West Palm Beach, FL 33405


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Post Cards

Hi Mike, as you know the economy is very bad in our area and it began about a year and a half ago. We were barely making ends meet then we started operating in the red. I talked to you about my woes and you made some suggestions. The first was getting a monthly card to our customer base. I decide to have you send a card to 20 percent of our customers on a monthly basis. It worked and the numbers prove it. We paid you a total of $18,575.00 over the year and the cards produced $184,857.99. As you know I’m continuing the card this year as well. I used a local friend’s service during our shoulder season last summer. His card cost me $11,984.12 for the three month campaign and it generated $66,911.67. Not very good. I will be doing my shoulder season with you this year. I wanted to thank you as well for your honesty and for keeping my best interest ahead of your sales. As you remember I talked to you about sending out the card in December and you advised me against it because of the holidays. Your experience has been the card just wouldn’t produce like the other months.

During the year you gave me other advice concerning getting Bill The Plumber, Inc. in the black. I started following your advice and took a good look at the people working for me. I put the bottom line ahead of being a nice guy and found some techs that were losing money month after month. I gave more attention to our sales training program and the techs that didn’t respond are gone. The ones that did are increasing their sales and closing rates each month. That is an ongoing process. We lowered our overhead by 33% during the last quarter of the year.

The number crunching that you provided me with and helped me go through by actually guiding me and my wife on the phone while we did it was very enlightening. You said the numbers don’t lie and you are right. I know exactly where I stand and what needs attention to get to the 20% profit goal. It feels good knowing were you are and to have direction. I consider you a lot more than just a business acquaintance and advisor. You are a true friend. Because of you I’m am looking forward to having a very good year and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. I have confidence that we can grow our company in a down economy. One more thing. Thank you for your persistence. It took years to get me to listen to you.

Bill Loiko

President/Bill The Plumber, Inc.

Sarasota, Florida