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Key Topic #8: Become a local hero contractor being immune from attacks by competitors

Key TopicThe Ultimate Goal a great legacy

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Your goal as a successful contractor should make you a local hero. Being a local hero will help you be that company with sustainable 20% net profit and unlimited growth.

To be the local hero you have to be seen as participating in local charities, such as the little league, and the local cancer fundraiser, and also international charities such as World Vision, which trains villagers how to have wells and use those wells to have sustainable agriculture and to teach them how to feed themselves and have a sustainable society and then move on to the next village to make them sustainable.

In being a local hero, think of how in every visit you leave your customer in better condition than you found them, finding a little something extra to do. Think of how being a local hero will not only affect your image, but also the concept your employees have of themselves.

Let’s put it this way, if your sponsoring 20 children on 5 continents and that doesn’t warm the hearts of your employees, perhaps you need to change your hiring practices.

Perhaps you need to hire people who want to be part of the solution locally and globally.

Think about the effect that not only acting like the local hero and putting on the uniform of superman, but being the local hero and being superman will have on your company and on your community.  Think of the marketing advantage that that gives. And also think about how you will feel about your company 20 years from now when you decide to retire about the things you accomplished both for the people that worked for you and the community that you served and all of the people you helped along the way. Think about what that means to you on a

personal level and on a business level, and decide to be the hero.

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STOP bad reviews, before they happen

Contractors United is designed to do exactly that!

Simply… By getting your customers to communicate problems to you or US BEFORE they escalate dangerously out of control.

Service Angel is designed to get the truly GOOD NEWS about your firm out to the public.

Before… they put their trust and money with a company who does not deserve either.
With Service Angel You can have all your written, video and recorded references and organization memberships listed in one place.

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