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Yard Signs



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OK… it’s a fact …using Yard Signs  during the sale call will  turn NO  to YES…. for both… new and repeat customers  … the Trinity attachment proves it !!

Also regarding the sales to neighbors   the Cam Schock testimonial, proves another reason to use yard signs benefit …read testimonial below

Below find

1)     2 testimonials

2)     4 reasons why

3)     The presentation to your customers to resurrect dead sales

4)     The low cost pricing

Results from their first 25 yard signs Cost $175   Sold “$14,956.00 “ “ in dead deals revived  “

From: Cindy Knox [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, February 5, 2015 4:42 PM
To: ‘Mike Morosi’; [email protected]
Subject: Trinity Air and Yard Signs

Just wanted to drop a note to say the Yard Signs are working GREAT!

Customers are very open with us putting them in their yard and leaving them when we are finished.

Our technicians are also using them as a sales tool to close the repair, by giving a discount and placing the sign in their yard.

We started using the signs late May of last year. The revenue generated (that we can account for) from seeing this yard sign is $14,956.00.

We will continue with the program. J

Thank you for all your help,

Cindy Knox

General Manager

Trinity Air, Inc

(770) 486-COOL (2665)

(770) 486-1916 Fax


We don’t use them for closing very often, but agree with the marketing aspect.  We get more calls due to the yard signs than you can believe.  It is the lowest lead source we have I am sure.


Cam Schock

Climate Control

1910 130th St. NW

Aberdeen, SD 57401

605-225-9822 Office

605-229-5822 Fax

[email protected]


It’s smart to use Yard Signs with a discount to close a dead deal, and even place one in the front of every home when permitted…

At 50% billed hours you should be at 22% net profit… If you are priced right and staffed right ….

Then the yard signs and neighbor cards will help you sell the 5th and 6th hour of the day …

Starting at 60% incremental profit … even if you give up 20-30% to make the sale … it will still bring the average profit up …

Like adding a cup of 90 degree water to a tub of 80 degree water …

Any incremental sale with an incremental profit higher than the average brings the average up … Once overhead is paid for

1)    Save a dead deal

Homeowner : “Well I would like to think about it…”

Tech: “Is it the quality of our work that you are thinking about?”

Homeowner: “no.”

Tech: “The length of the warrantee??”

Homeowner: “no.”

Tech: “Is it the price that you are thinking about?

Homeowner: “Yes it’s the price.”

Tech: “Well good news… you are thinking about the price, we are thinking about the neighbors.

We want to do more work in this neighborhood, so if you can help me, I can help you.

If I can leave a small yard sign on your lawn for 20 days, I know we will build up our name and eventually get work from the neighbors.

So I can take $xxx of the job and get that done today. Does that make sense?”

Homeowner: “the HOA does not allow signs.”

Tech: “No problem … we have this postcard that we can send to neighbors … right here … so you can still sane the $xxx.”

2)    Patriotic message

The cost is so low, it’s not worth the gas or time to come back for the sign , the patriotic message is put on one side of the sign so it can be useful to the homeowner on national holidays , and reminds them of your company name and number because the logo will be facing the home every time the use it.

3)    General advertising

Tech: “May I leave this sign on the lawn with the hope that the neighbors will get to know us?”

4)    Low Cost