Advertising Plans and Strategies for Plumbers, HVAC Companies and Electricians

Advertising seems simple in definition. When you advertise something you are simply promoting or presenting your products or services in a persuasive manner to your existing and potential customers through different forms of media. Advertising is part of a good marketing strategy and can be as simple as putting your logo and phone number in the newspaper or participating in a coupon direct mail program. But just because those actions are simple, does not mean they are effective. At Contractor 20/20, the advertising strategies we choose are supported by market research and years of experience. Through cultivated relationships with different radio and television stations, we are able to negotiate better ad placement and pricing. We know what programs your customers listen to or watch, and we make sure that through the correct placement and the correct amount of repetition your customers hear and remember your message. Placement, repetition, brand reinforcement, and an incentive to buy are just some of the components that need to be considered when developing an advertising strategy, and at Contractor 20/20 we do the hard work for you!

Contractor 20/20 specializes in:

One of the advantages of using a plumbing advertising agency like Contractor 20/20 is that we are not interested in promoting one media (direct mail, TV, radio) over another. Obviously a radio sales rep is going to persuade you that radio is the best option for you. The newspaper or coupon magazine sales representatives will show you all the research that indicates their form of advertisement is the best choice. But a plumbing, electrical, or HVAC advertising company like Contractor 20/20 is able to assess all the different options in your market and figure out, based on research and number crunching what the most effective way to spend your advertising budget is. Because we are objective, and don’t have a stake in who you spend money with, we are able to do what is best for your company, instead of what is best for someone else’s bottom line.

Lastly, why choose Contractor 20/20 over other advertising agencies in your area? The number one reason we think you should choose us over your local advertising agency is because the majority of what we do is marketing and advertising for contractors like you. We have a couple clients in different fields like insurance or pool installations, but over 90% of our clients are plumbing, HVAC, and electrical companies. This means we have special insight into the idiosyncrasies of your type of business and are well-equipped to determine the best advertising practices for you. Your local advertising agency may have relationships with the local radio and TV stations, but do they know what color paper is most effective for a direct mail campaign in your area? Probably not. Contractor 20/20 is one of the only advertising agencies that specifically caters to contractors like you, and we are the only advertising agency that is a Quality Service Contractors (QSC) partner. We are also your industry’s advertising and marketing experts, which means we possess special skills and knowledge that general advertising agencies simply do not have.