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Great Testimonials : from Contractors like you

1. Like a mailing that cost $319 sold $20,212.17 sales A (63 to 1 return ) 

2. How about instant results from EMAIL marketing that cost less than $400 then SOLD $13,893 in one week 

3. How we increased sales over $2,000,000 that’s 2 million dollars in 9 months and we did it 33% under budget. with only $700 invested. 

4. How about handwritten appreciation cards Cost $ 2484 / Sold $110,905 (that is 44 to 1 return) 

5. How about radio and TV that drove sales results the same day they started, resulting in adding 3 trucks 

6. How about increasing net profits from 7% to 20% in 90 days, all the while increasing sales 

7. How about yard signs that closed dead deals and attracted new customers …$175 generating $13,000 in sales  

8. How about employee recruitment that accomplish in 10 days what others could not do in 6 months 

9. How about that advanced personality targeting …9 times better Direct Mail Results, & Geo Fencing, Internet and Branding Results. So you can Only market to the best prospects 

10. How about INTERNET Marketing that can gets $32 in sales for each $1 invested.  Grew sales $2,000,000 that’s 2 million paid for by existing customers. Only a $700 contractor investment  

100% Success in all tactics is unrealistic, however we are over 85% certain we can do for you, what we have done for others .

We make Keeping Good Customers , Replacing Bad Customers with Higher Net Profits simple

Solving Recruitment Problems … Easy to Implement Systems that Work

Job One, tracking and exterminating “ Profit Termites “ before the sink the ship

Bottom line: Make work LESS stressful MORE profitable, having more time or family reclaim your life & Engage important charitable pursuits 

Why work 30 years for ten years of profit? As most do simply for lack of good advice.

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