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Bill The Plumber Inc – Testimonial

Dear Mike:

Just wanted you to know how pleased and how much my confidence has increased due to your work for me.

Having the preliminary marketing survey done and the info collected and then the follow-up study by your corporation was so informative and helpful that knowing that I know now I would have paid more.

Your information has helped me to make decisions in advertising that would have been a “Russian Roulette” procedure” before using your services. I will be using your services as long as I am in business.

The “cry baby ad” brought us through our shoulder season without losing money or personnel. We increased our revenue for the quarter by 33% and instead of losing, we made money. The study showed us that we would increase our flat rate from $180.00 to $225.00 per hour, which we did with confidence. Our closing rate dropped about 4% overall from a 92% to 88%. We are sure that will come back. Do the numbers and you can see that this has been a very profitable move for us.

I thank you again and would be happy to recommend you to my best friend and family.

Thanks Mike, you’re the greatest.

William J. Loiko