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Chaves Plumbing – Testimonial

Dear Mike:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with MultiMedia, and your efforts to keep us on the critical path.

Dealing with the many demands in my service business, I have grossly neglected marketing right from day one. While the competition multiplied and gained a very high level of sophistication, I was asleep at the wheel.

Initially I was overwhelmed with all the information on marketing. I knew I had to do something, but was indecisive. Your command of marketing data, and economics served as a beacon helping prompt the first step (market survey research).

I can’t tell you how blown away I was to find the huge opportunity we were sitting on. Instead of feeling intimidated by the competition, I now feel like I can beat them at their own game. (Knowledge is power!) I now know a market survey is the critical first step for anyone willing to commit hard earned cash to advertising.

My staff and I were equally impressed with the super deal we got for radio ad time. A twelve month rate with option to change or cancel with two weeks notice, we were joking that you must have blackmailed WADK. I’m paying half of what my local competition paid!

We were very pleased as well with the results of our first ever direct mail campaign (last year), this investment has returned to us many times over. As our traditional swing season approaches, we are preparing another mailing.

Our radio spots have now been on air for two weeks, our service work has gone from slack to steady. Although it’s too early to tell, I’m very excited about the impract our ads will have. We are looking forward to getting our cable ads on air, and our first year with a real marketing program.

Please feel free to refer me to anyone still sitting on the fence.