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Penning Plumbing & Heating – Testimonial

Dear Mike:

I wanted to offer some thanks to you for the help you have given me in making some sense out of may marketing program. Marketing seems like the bad guy that hangs out in the closest closet. You know he is there but figure if you keep the door closed he will go away. The market and media survey that you performed for us helped me to get a basis of knowledge about how, when and who to market to. Having your input and ability to deal directly with the radio and TV people, keeps them more honest and gets me the most for my dollar. It is most comforting when they call to be able to tell them that I will talk with you first before making decisions. I also appreciate your follow up in helping keep my TV script updated and fresh to the seasons and economy.

We did our first direct mail piece with you last year and while it seems we have some problems with our mailing list, we have gotten results and will be mailing again with a refined list. Everything you have done is professional and while you attempt to nudge me in the right direction, you never come on too strong.

I hope to meet you in person at Super Meeting. Thanks again for your work and I look forward to an ongoing relationship with MultiMedia.


Richard Penning