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The History. The Vision. The Purpose. The Future

The Contractor 20/20 team invested more than 20 years and over 20 million alongside the original 500 owners blazed the trail to create this “Wonderful Profit, Retention,  New Customer Acquisition System “

How wonderful?… This system, grew our VA client’s sales by $2,000,000.00 that’s 2 million in 9 months with only $700 at risk  all the other costs paid by existing customers

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o    We want to arm you to profit from investments you never made, and the pains of experience you never endured,

o   So once establish, as it pleases you, you can then choose to be a blessing to family, your work team & others near or far.

o   The business owners and Contractor 20/20 team , together Created the 6 essential and 22 optional success tactics by investing, testing, tracking, re-testing perfecting. Faith filled Prayer.

o    My greatest business satisfaction is the result of what the team, the founders and grace have achieved.

o   Together we created a wonderful less stressful path to success a path that has turned high hopes & dreams into wonderful reality.

o  Offering owners Relief from Grief, Family Problems, Stress, Conflicts.

Ø  What is the value of things the founders did? the dreams achieved … the time to enjoy friends and family … not only doing well but also doing good?

Ø  I believe these things are of Great Value …Thanks to those who lead the way.

Ø  Now over the next 12 years the next generation of Contractor 20/20 leadership already in place, are excited to be of service & innovate … already carrying the torch to new heights.


The freedom from fear: Set aside 1/3 of the profit increases for retirement or the opportunity to buy up competitors for 10 cents on the dollar during the next business cycle downturn.

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Bottom line : Make  work LESS stressful MORE profitable, having more time or family reclaim your life &Engage important charitable pursuits

o   How about turning around one troubled grandchild OR building a youth center to help hundreds? Money in the right hands will do great things,

o    How do we define what winning looks and feels like ? >

The Contractor 20/20 Know-How Makes the Internet Your Friend.

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Good News … You don’t have to go it alone anymore…You have experts to guide you thru the rapids  

Our Mission.

Contractor 20/20 MissionMore than 80% of the time we can turn a 5% profit company into a 22% profit company in 120 days.  Depending on the circumstances, it may take longer or may take less time; simply, that’s the bottom line goal: profitability.

Our mission is much more complex. Our mission is to help small business owners build a legacy that will benefit the owners, staff, customers, and community at large. We know firsthand that stress caused by low profits can create problems at work and more importantly at home. Our mission is to turn that around. It is our hope that on your retirement day you will be full of satisfaction knowing that you helped your staff and yourself to achieve worthwhile goals and financial security.

Using a marketing and branding strategy based on research, our team is able to identify, suggest, and implement the steps your company needs to take, in multiple areas, to achieve high efficiency and profitability.

Hero Branding

Hero branding is close to our heart and close to our mission. Legacy isn’t just about your savings or retirement account; legacy is about your community and the good you leave behind for the next generation. Our hope is that when we can get our clients into the 20 to 25% profits range that they can become “hero” contractors.

Hero contractors are able to:

  1. Promote the statement “it’s right, we make it right, or it’s free.” They can do this because they can afford the 2 to 3% loss needed to support and follow through with that policy. This branding puts them head and shoulders above the competition in excellent customer service and satisfaction.
  2. Give water away at every 5K charity run.
  3. Sponsor a team on every little league.
  4. Do something extra like change the light bulbs and fire alarm batteries for older or disabled clients.
  5. Pull over the truck to help change a tire.
  6. Donate $10 from every job to clean water charity or charity of your choice. Fill your office walls with photos of kids who were spared from the lack of pure water showing your global impact. Every 22 seconds a child dies from lack of pure water.
  7. Send their kids, grandkids, and maybe someone else’s kids to the college of their dreams.
  8.  Retire satisfied because they made a difference in the lives of their family, their employees, their industry, their country, and their world.
  9. Turn a midlife crisis into a midlife rededication or revolution!
  10. Sleep better.

Becoming a hero in your community doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome first, and our first priority is you! However, we are motivated by the idea that the work we do not only changes our client’s lives, but the lives of so many others. You aren’t required to help us fulfill our mission, but we sure hope we can convince you to join the movement to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place by being an involved and ethical business owner.

The Contractor 20/20 Client Service Leaders.


His chilmike morosidren refer to him as “Oh Great one,” but you can just call him Mike. Mike Morosi is the President and CEO of Contractor 20/20, a service of MultiMedia Advertising Services LLC. Contractor 20/20 provides marketing for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors in over 40 states and Canada. Mike is well known as an author and teacher of best business practices. In a sentence, Contractor 20/20 takes what they and over 300 contractors have learned through advanced research and “trial and error,” and creates systems to help contractors avoid costly mistakes by taking advantage of proven marketing methods. It is hard to name a best practice group or franchise that we have not helped to exceed the results they were getting before they added Contractor 20/20 to the mix.
Contractor 20/20 offers profit consulting, advertising agency work, direct mail, internet marketing, website design, and Radio and TV production and placement. They are the largest company of their type serving independent contractors. Mike and his staff are proud to be associated with the largest and most respected contractor groups in the nation as a Service Roundtable Rewards Consult Partner and as a PHCC/QSC Consult Partner.
Ann Morosi, Mike’s wife, is Director of Research for Contractor 20/20. Mike and Ann Morosi combined their college Economics training, and their experiences of both being and helping small business owners. Before opening their consulting and advertising agency business, Mike held ownership and management positions for Direct Mail magazines, Newspapers, Radio stations, TV station, and performed agency functions in billboard, directory and internet startups. His most rewarding work, along with Ann, has been raising their 5 children to successful adulthood, as well as their work mentoring hundreds of children and teens in their church’s youth and music ministries as staff, board members, and founders.
To learn more about Mike and his proven results check out our testimonials.


Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Emily (Morosi) Catan in not only a black shepherd-lab mix aficionado, she is also one of the most dedicated Internet Marketing experts specializing in the Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical industry. Starting our Interactive Media Department from scratch, Emily and her team now serve clients across the United States and Canada. When Emily isn’t removing ice from her car with a pick ax, she is creating successful and creative internet marketing campaigns and reporting back to her clients with exciting real time results. As the Director of Interactive Media Emily assists clients with Website development, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing, all while filtering through the endless chain mail emails she receives from clients daily! In addition to graduating summa cum laude with degrees in both Marketing and Sociology as well as having trained with the best in the business, Emily ‘s meticulous attention to detail, use of upfront research, result oriented customer service, and niche expertise with the Home Service Industry make her a feared contender in the ring. If you are serious about rising above the competition, or black shepherd-lab mixes, then Emily is the expert you want to call.


lauraA failed Vegetarian but expert Kale cruncher, Laura (Morosi) Latora is the Director of the Message on Hold and Specialty Marketing Departments, as well as our psychographic analysis expert, and lead advertising and content writer. Laura wrote her first radio ad in middle school and started working for the family business in high school. With a knack for correct gut hunches, and reading people and situations with scary accuracy, Laura has a natural talent for both analyzing research and writing persuasive content. Having a BS in Public Relations and Marketing, and an MDIV in Theology, Laura is not only qualified to help you develop a variety of successful marketing campaigns, but can also write your advertising in ancient Hebrew and Greek when needed. Laura has recently taken a step back from teaching at the University level and is now devoting her full attention to developing our Specialty Marketing Department, Message on Hold Department, and following in her father’s footsteps. Committed to the positive results the advertising industry can have in the lives of families and communities, Laura is an asset to the mission and vision of our company.


We just need to nail down the potty training first.








Proud to be a PHCC/QSC Industry Partner

And a Service Roundtable Consult Partner 

Mike Morosi Pres, Contractor 20/20

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