Can Your Brand Extend Past Your Town?

Most small businesses struggle to find customers outside their hometowns. With so much competition, it may be challenging to attract customers from other towns, but with the right online marketing strategy, you can help customers in other cities find you.

You can expand your brand past your town. Here’s how:

How the Internet Helps

The internet is a powerful tool for connecting with customers in the towns nearest you. The more visible your company is on Google and other search engines, the more likely it is that people in nearby cities will find you.

Right now, you might be targeting keywords that include your city and your service (ex: Springfield plumber). You can apply that same strategy using surrounding cities. Your pages will begin showing up in search results linked to those cities.

Social Media Matters

While being active on Google is certainly a plus, your company should also be active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Yelp and others. Having this presence gives you the chance to interact with your customers.

These platforms are also great places to promote your work in other cities near you. Your posts can talk about clients in specific cities. You can also answer questions about your services directly from your customers in their direct messages and comments on your posts, and you can remind them that you serve their cities.

Encourage Reviewing

It’s no secret that online reviews make a difference to searchers. Hearing about one company’s good service can be enough to tip the scale and convince the reader to call you. There are several review platforms that most users trust, mainly Google+ and Yelp.

With all your customers, encourage them to leave positive reviews if they were satisfied with your service. The more reviews your company has, the better your company will look.

Building your brand in other cities can be difficult, but it can be done. For more help with branding and online marketing, contact the experts at 20/20 by calling (607) 770-8933 today.

Emily Morosi