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On Hold Messages for Plumbers, HVAC Companies and Electricians

Contractor 20/20 Has Music on Hold Messaging to Promote Your Business 

Hold MessagesLeaving a customer on hold with dead air will result in lost profits for your business. Message on hold marketing is a professionally produced audio program played through your office telephone specifically for callers who are on hold. The program combines the spoken word (the narrative), with a musical background (the music bed). Professional voice artists dictate the narrative and each program lasts about six minutes, looping continuously. Contractor 20/20’s Message on hold marketing is unique in the industry, and our message on holds are designed so they can be used for other purposes. To find out what makes our message on holds unique, call us today. Contractor 20/20 has the expertise and knowledge to help you implement this system at your business, and we can get you started right away.

Message On Hold Samples

Click Here for Rudd Plumbing Sample

Click Here for Giannone Plumbing Sample

Important Facts and Benefits Of Music On Hold Messages

AT&T reports:

A national study published by the North American Telecommunications Association reports:

US West Communications found that messages on holds result in:

Even More Message On Hold Facts:

Reasons to Have a On Hold Message: 

  1. Many customers do not know the full line of services you offer. On hold messaging is a great opportunity to inform them.
  2. Cellular phone users who cannot hear normal buzzing and beeps often feel abandoned or believe they have been hung up on.
  3.  It is a great opportunity to market your website address.
  4. Creates a positive customer experience.
  5. Cross-sells products and services.
  6. Highlights special promotions.
  7. Builds brand awareness.
  8. Provides a “talking newsletter.”
  9. Reaches a highly targeted audience.
  10. Increases sales revenue.

We’ve done the research and have the knowledge to turn your phone into a profit center.  Listed below are several samples of messages and music on hold that current clients are using right now.  Don’t let this opportunity slip by—take advantage of this service by contacting Mike Morosi at Contractor 20/20 to learn how you can get started with this important marketing program.