Television Advertising for Plumbers, HVAC Companies and Electricians

Television advertising is a very fast and effective method to drive market awareness of your contracting services company. TV allows you to show your city and target market what you “look like” and what you can do for them. It allows potential customers to see you and your services/products in action. Primarily used to reach the masses, TV helps consumers become aware of your company, your logo/image, and your message.

TV advertising, like radio advertising, can send highly targeted traffic to your website where potential clients can “check you out” and contact you from the comfort of their living rooms. In fact, the increase in brand awareness that can be accomplished using television advertising helps to improve the overall acceptance of other forms of advertising. When your company name becomes a local household name, people will be more willing to look closely at your direct mail. Using a jingle in your television ad and then in your radio advertising creates continuity and additionally helps increase brand awareness and advertising effectiveness.

Many believe that television advertising is losing its effectiveness because of the advent of the internet. This is simply not the case. Studies even show that DVRs do very little to decrease the recall and recognition of television advertising. Television advertising still reaches large audiences and generates profits—otherwise larger corporations would not be using it! Also, because most local plumbing, heating, and cooling companies are only looking to reach their local markets, it is easy to find the most effective time placement for your advertisement.

Advertising “local” saves you money and actually can increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy. We have learned that timing is key. The placement and repetition of your ad will determine whether or not it will generate brand awareness. Also, for local contracting service companies, time slots around the local news are king!  Though important, content copy, jingles, and other ad characteristics are secondary to placement and repetition.

Television advertising isn’t for everyone. Depending on where you are located it may simply be financially impossible or unwise. To determine if television advertising is a good investment for your advertising budget, we call every radio, TV, and cable station in your area. This also helps us pinpoint which stations will reach your customers.

If we do determine that you would benefit from radio or television advertising, the initial price tag may shock you. But remember, properly implemented radio and TV advertisements with the right message, heard the right number of times by the right target audience, can effectively bring down the cost of all your other advertising media. When it comes to successful TV advertising, Contractor 20/20 has the expertise needed to help you maximize your ROI and take your company to the next level.

“Over ten years ago, we began an aggressive TV marketingcampaign based on 5% of total revenues, which has been a huge success as our revenues have grown from approximately $2M to $8M. Now that we are a dominant market leader, our annual advertising expenditures run in the 3-4% range. I do think the type of advertising is crucial to achieve this type of success and I am a strong proponent of the power of TV. However, I realize that the cost of TV advertising in major metro areas is very pricey so it’s not for the weak of heart unless you are totally committed and long term! To my knowledge, in these large populous areas, cable advertising to specific zip codes seems to be the way to go if so motivated. In addition, we opened up in a new market last year and using 10% of forecasted revenues there”….Robert Wilkos @ Peaden Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

Our Clients range from 1 trucks to 100 trucks but we treat them all the same. Plumbing, HVAC and Home Service contractors deserve a company on their side without a dog in the race, that understand what it’s like to run a small business.

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