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Professional Customer Retention Strategies for Plumbers, HVAC and Electrical Companies

Contractor 20/20 Has the System You Need to Retain Customers & Build Your Client Base

Customer Retention

Customer retention is not only a cost-effective and profitable strategy, but for today’s contractor, it’s an absolute must. This is especially true when you remember that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers and clients. Contractor 20/20 knows the value of retaining a loyal customer, and our expertise can help you establish a retention program that will pay dividends for years to come. Using tools such as internet marketing, direct mail, TV, radio, and referral reward programs, Mike Morosi and his team will help you retain your customers.

In the past, your highly satisfied customers would save your business card or mark your page in the phone book.  Now, with the convenience of the internet, a majority of people search for services and information online, where you will be judged by your website and reviews. As a result, customer loyalty has disappeared. If potential repeat customers search for a local plumbing, HVAC, or electrical company and your name doesn’t appear on the first or second page then you’ve already lost them—they’re calling another company. Unless you make the effort to market to your existing customer base, you will never maintain any consistent loyalty, and this will cost you future sales. However, there is a solution. Contractor 20/20 has the customer retention program that will ensure your success. Mike Morosi and his team of experts can show you how to increase your referrals and sales with marketing programs that are tested and have been proven to work with other contractors. Using a combination of direct mail, happy calls (calls to see if your customers are happy with the work), and specialty marketing products, we’ll make sure your customers never forget your name or your number and are never lost to a competitor’s coupon. Plus, we set the program up and manage it for you so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Measuring Customer Retention and Key Metrics

The phrase “customer retention” refers to the actions a company takes to reduce customer defection. The goal of any customer retention program is to help a company retain their loyal customers, usually through brand loyalty initiatives.

Several key metrics can measure customer retention, including:

To measure customer retention and key metrics, your best option, as a business, is to hire an outside, experienced professional.

Customer Retention Tips

Believe it or not, the average business will lose around 20% of its customer base annually. This happens because most businesses fail to properly attend to their customer relationships. The cost of losing such business is absolutely staggering.

There are a few known tips to ensure you retain your customers, including…

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