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It is important to understand that electrician marketing cannot be approached in the same way as the other trades. For example, a plumber will provide service to a homeowner 3.5 times for every 1 time an electrician does. This means that electrician customer retention has some unique challenges in regard to remembrance. Also, since most calls are based on immediate need, domination of paid and organic search is critical. Electrician customer acquisition involves dominating paid search and organic search, while also investing in other channels. Contractor 20/20 knows how to market electrical companies and implement the right marketing strategies that turn slow weeks into GROW weeks. This allows you to fund your marketing and competitively hire the best staff, so you can continue to bring in a profit that allows you to grow.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer for Electrical Businesses

Contractor 20/20 specializes in digital marketing services for electricians. We know the industry, and most successful way to market for electricians online. For example, customers looking for an electrician tend to spend more time online researching their problem than the other trades. This means that having an informative website and providing strong reasons why they should call you are critical. Capitalizing on these sorts of trends, we use a comprehensive long game strategy that leans in on continual optimization and improvement. We monitor your presence online and are constantly analyzing and implementing new ways to improve your rankings and convert new customers.

Content Writing

Effective content writing requires knowledge of your industry, audience, and how to optimize for search engines. Our writers are highly trained and have proven themselves in the industry.

Email Marketing

You need an experienced team to run your email marketing because success depends on more than just open rates and clicks.

Traditional Marketing Services We Offer for electrical Businesses

In order to maintain good customer retention numbers, electricians need to invest in a low cost and consistent program. Traditional marketing channels are a great solution for this challenge. If traditional marketing were dead, multinational corporations wouldn’t be using direct mail, radio, television and other traditional forms of advertising to reach their audience. While these forms of advertising may be traditional, they are anything but low-tech. Using advanced targeting and both traditional and digital forms of these mediums, Contractor 20/20 is on the cutting edge of omni-channel marketing that works together to reach new customers, retain good customers, and therefore increase your share of the market. With years of experience and millions of research dollars invested, we know how to successfully implement traditional marketing campaigns for electrical companies.

Our Clients range from 1 trucks to 100 trucks but we treat them all the same. Plumbing, HVAC and Home Service contractors deserve a company on their side without a dog in the race, that understand what it’s like to run a small business.

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