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Promotional Products for Plumbers, Heating, Cooling and Electrical Companies

“Promotional Products are the best way to make it easy for customers to find your phone number without being tempted by competitors in the phone book or on the internet.”  – Laura Morosi 

HVAC company promotional productsBranding your company and having a successful marketing strategy involves creating a well oiled machine that takes every point of contact with the public and turns it into an opportunity to establish and promote your brand. One often-overlooked piece of this strategy is the use of plumbing promotional products, HVAC promotional products, and electrical promotional products. Promotional products are a unique, cost-effective, and proven way to market your business and increase brand awareness.

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products and specialty advertising are useful items imprinted with your name, logo, message, or offer. The key word here is “useful.” A promotional product that isn’t useful is guaranteed to end up in the trash and be a waste of money (think magnet that won’t stick). But a plumbing or HVAC promotional product that people like will be used over and over again, which means your customer or potential customer will be exposed to your company name and number multiple times. Traditional advertising methods like print, television, internet, and radio are highly effective and useful. But the number of impressions they make on your audience ends when the ad stops running. Specialty advertising is unique in that if you choose the right product, it will never stop collecting impressions and can pass from one person to the next.

The Benefits of Specialty Advertising

There are multiple benefits to using promotional products. Below are just a couple of reasons we encourage their use:

HVAC company promotional productsBecause a well-designed and selected HVAC or plumbing promotional product will be seen or used by your target audience over and over again, the cost per impression is miniscule. Take, for example, our pizza cutter that costs you $1.92. If you give away this pizza cutter with your logo to a customer, and they use that pizza cutter every Friday night for 5 years, then that means the cost per impression is less than $.008. When they have a plumbing problem or HVAC problem they instantly remember the pizza cutter and call the number. At Contractor 20/20, we build an incentive to call into the imprint design that increases the likelihood your customer will make a mental note of the imprint, and, when the need strikes, give you a call.

Interesting research fact:  A survey of random business travelers discovered that 71% of those interviewed said they had received a promotional product in the last 12 months; 33%…had that promotional product on them!

Repetition of your name and message increases brand recognition. We believe that “branding the home” is one of the best ways to increase repetition. We can do this with emergency switch plate covers for boilers,  valve tags for the main water shut off, labels on equipment with schedules for service, magnets, calendars, pens, notebooks, water bottles, car air fresheners, our unique yard signs, and window thermometers. Window thermometers are an industry gem. Your technician will install the window thermometer outside the kitchen window. That means multiple times a day your customer sees the thermometer and is consciously or unconsciously reminded of your company. No other method could possibly put your company name in front of your customer more times per day.

There is some interesting psychology behind gift giving/promotional products. Have you ever received those personalized address labels from the Humane Society or other charity? Do you use them? Every time you use them do you feel like you ought to give something to that charity and make a mental note to consider it or actually give? I do. When we are given a gift, especially one that we like and use, we often feel compelled to return the gesture. Gift giving creates positive feelings, but also feelings of expected or desired reciprocation. A good promotional product can create feelings of loyalty or obligation…just like those Humane Society personalized address labels. A research study found that 52% of those interviewed who were given a promotional product ultimately did business with that company. The remaining 48% felt that they were more likely to do business with that company in the future because of the gift. Promotional products have the potential to increase your sales.

Why Contractor 20/20’s promotional products are unique!

Contractor 20/20 is unique in the industry because we have specially designed promotional products that focus on longevity of use, give an incentive to buy, and can even help close the sale. They are not gimmicky, cheap looking, or throw-aways. Instead of being an afterthought, our promotional products are part of a marketing strategy. As we build this part of our business, we are continually testing and researching different products and tactics to make sure that you get the most out of your promotional products.

If you would like to learn more about our specially designed promotional products, Contact or call Laura Morosi-Latora.