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New Customer Growth for Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Companies

Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical New CustomerThere is a lot to consider when you want to attract new customers to your business. It isn’t as easy as putting an ad in a newspaper or including an ad in a locally mailed coupon pack. There is a big difference between attracting a new customer who is 30 miles away and can’t afford you, and a new customer who is 5 miles away and can easily pay the bill. At Contractor 20/20, we know all the variables you need to consider when reaching out to new customers.

The Research

Through advanced marketing research, we define your sales territory, figure out what types of people naturally buy from you, figure out which methods/mediums are going to work best for your company, and determine where your ad placement will reap the best results. We don’t leave things up to chance. We approach the placement of your advertisement on the foundation of research and 30+ years of experience. This lowers your overall advertising costs and boosts the effectiveness of your marketing plan and advertising campaign.

The Right Customer

You don’t need everyone to be your customer. Instead, you want people calling you that are most likely to buy. This involves branding your company correctly and getting that brand in front of the right people. Marketing to the right people saves you time and money and lowers your new customer cost.

The Right Products

We have an assortment of tested and proven direct mail products that are specifically designed to bring in new customers. Some of these products have been able to bring in up to $10 for every $1 spent. In addition to direct mail, we are also industry experts in the writing and placement of TV and radio advertisements. Many companies overlook TV and radio because they believe these avenues are too expensive. But at Contractor 20/20 we know how to negotiate prices, find the right time slot on the right station, and write a compelling and effective campaign. We don’t want you to overlook TV and radio because, in most markets, you can reach a customer on the radio or TV up to thirty times for the same cost as reaching them once by direct mail. TV and radio are excellent tools for establishing an image, increasing name recognition, and building trust.

If your market is too expensive for TV and radio advertisements, we can use other mediums such as billboard advertising, movie theater advertising, specialty marketing advertising, yellow page advertising, and internet radio. Internet radio is a very effective way to reach new customers, and the cost per impression is very low. It is just one of the internet methods Contractor 20/20 uses to drive traffic to your website and motivate buyers. To figure out what works best for your company, you need to economically test different media, track them properly, and then invest prudently in a combination that builds both positive awareness and gives a call to action that can be measured for effectiveness.

Internet, Radio, TV, direct mail . . . you name it.  Contractor 20/20 knows how to get new customers calling you within just seven days. We are the industry experts in all forms of advertising for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and home service companies.