Direct Mail Response Rates

Contractor 20/20, Experts at getting Results with Direct Mail Marketing

Contractor 20/20 can dramatically improve your ROI using their direct mail system.  You will see a substantial increase in your response rates using Mike’s proven services and will get a jump on the competition.

Response rates are affected by
1) The artwork you use
2) The quality of the target you mail
3) How often you have mailed that target
4) The number of undecided customers in your market
5) The offer in your mailer
6) How well-known and respected your company is in your area

Before you buy a mailer you should ask for actual tracking from past mailers so you have an educated expectation of results. You might even want to call past users of the mailer yourself. We have spent millions of dollars and tested dozens of mailers to figure this out.

Plumbers should expect an 80% chance of profitable mailings on the first try and 90% on the second try. HVAC companies should expect a 65% chance of profitable mailings for replacement out of season and 80% in season. HVAC companies should only expect success for tune up mailings in season.

After you have done mailings for 6 months you can determine a reliable new customer cost number. Once you know that cost you can adjust prices to cover the cost and then grow your company as fast as you can staff it. Next, get your prices in balance with your labor cost, your sales in balance with your overhead, make sure you have sufficient staff to hit the sales number, and get some training to drive up average tickets and customer satisfaction. Only then are you on the road to 20% net profit and unlimited growth.

Call Contractor 2020 for all your Direct Mail Marketing needs.  We are the experts in many forms of marketing and advertising and can create a plan for you.

Emily Morosi