Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind. Now is The Time for Responsive Website Design.

More and more people are performing internet searches on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.  It is likely that, in years to come, the number of internet searches done on devices away from the desktop computer will continue to skyrocket.  So, what does this mean for your website?  Well, it means that your website needs to be prepared to meet the needs and expectations of these mobile device users.  If your website isn’t able to look good and function properly on a variety of mobile devices, your business is sure to suffer.  Mobile users anticipate websites to load quickly, look pleasing, and be easy to browse and utilize—if your website fails to meet these expectations, that potential customer will be looking for your product or service elsewhere in literal seconds!

So, what’s the answer?  How do you ensure that your business doesn’t lose out on an ever-increasing number of potential customers that are searching for your products and services via mobile devices?  The answer is a responsive design website from Contractor 20/20.

Responsive Website Design for Plumbing and HVAC Companies from Contractor 20/20

  • A responsive design website automatically determines what resolution of device it is being displayed on.  The website alters to fit that screen size for easy viewing.  With the rapidly growing number of different sizes and shapes of mobile devices, this feature is extremely important because it saves you from having to create different websites for each different device, which would be virtually impossible to keep up with!
  • Responsive design websites can also detect what type of device that they’re being displayed on so that they can adjust their functions accordingly.  For example, someone viewing your responsive design website on a touch screen device will be able to move the page with a swipe of a finger, instead of by scrolling with arrow keys or a mouse.
  • When creating a responsive design website, Contractor 20/20 puts a special focus on local searches.  When people are at home they are more likely to use a desktop computer for their searches.  However, when people are on the go they’re likely to be using their mobile devices to search for businesses within close vicinity.

Overall, the key to great responsive design websites is simple:  to make the website as easy as possible to find, access, and utilize on any device.  If your website only operates effectively on a desktop computer, chances are you are losing potential customers right and left and are setting a limitation on your business’s success.  With a responsive design website from Contractor 20/20 your business will immediately become available to more viewers, plus you’ll be prepared for a nearby future in which mobile device searches are the norm.  For more information on responsive design websites or for more internet marketing ideas, give Contractor 20/20 a call today(607) 770-8933

Emily Morosi