Easiest $100 I Ever Made

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Posted by Dave Van Westerhuyzen
Van West Comfort

You guys are not going to believe this one…

Working in an upscale home here in Southern California, near the beach, gated community.

The home is beautiful, nice floors, excellent mill work, marble, antique furniture, everything pristine.

I am one of three contractors working there. We are changing out two recalled furnaces in the attic along with the coil and condensers. Miles of drop cloths, Corner protectors on the door jambs, latex gloves when installing the t-stats, you know the drill.

I notice that the electrician, (who was “cheaper” than me on some can lights and ceiling fans) is installing the can lighting and the ceiling fans without drop cloths and there seems to be quiet a few finger prints on the very white walls near the switch, and yes, they match the ones all over the ceiling.

The granite guys have tracked, I think glue, on to the carpet near the kitchen.

Home owner is visibly upset. I ask if there is anything we can do to help with her being upset. “No, but thanks.”

Its getting later in the day, I ask for permission to use the restroom, I am prone to kidney stones, so it is best for me to use the restroom when the need strikes, rather than hold it. Generally, we make a habit of going to a local fast food place or gas station, rather than using a clients facilities. But we were working in a gated community, access is a bit cumbersome and it was a long way to the nearest public restroom.

My client bathroom drill: after cleaning hands at truck, bring two paper towels from my truck into the bathroom with me. Make sure the commode is cleaner after then it was prior to my usage. NEVER use the clients towels to dry my hands (that’s what one of the paper towels is for), when leaving, open the door with the second paper towel to make sure you don’t get the knob wet/dirty.

As I finish, and walk out into the hallway there is the owner, I mean right there, almost walked right into to her. She asked me about the paper towel I was holding. I explained the drill to her. As I passed she walked into the bathroom, I’m guessing for visual inspection?

After she paid us and as we are, leaving, she explains to me that she wishes that she had me do the electrical and hoped I would consider installing granite. IN FRONT OF THE ELECTRICIAN hands me and my helper each a $100 bill and says, “I would have paid twice as much for you to do the electrical work, if I had known what these other a**holes where going to do to my house. Thank you for caring.”

I felt bad for the other electrician, I was happy for my helper. I am buying him lobster (his choice) for lunch on Friday with my $100 to let him know I appreciate his attention to protecting our customers’ property.

Drop cloths, latex gloves and two paper towels, an easy way to $100.

My two cents.

Emily Morosi