Ensuring Your Plumbing Company is Listed in Map Applications for Mobile Phones

Search engines are intuitive tools for locally-owned businesses. With the proper techniques and a clear marketing plan, more clients will find your business nearby and select your services over the competition. Of course, they must be able to find you first. It is crucial that your business is listed in map applications for mobile devices. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and most search for services from right there.


We cannot stress this enough: If you want your business listed in map applications on mobile devices, do your research beforehand. There are so many competent map apps available from the mobile marketplaces. Most will crawl through search engines for results, while some require manual listings to be created. Do not solely rely on Google, though the titan of a search engine is a great place to start.

On Google, be sure to verify your local business listing. By verifying, you are ensuring customers who use Google Search and Google Maps can find your company easily. Most local businesses verify by postcard, email, phone, or Search Console — whatever your preference.

On the other hand, manually entering information typically requires technical expertise. If you want your services listed, reaching out to Contractor 20/20 is a smart move. With a professional, the process is seamless!


When listing your plumbing company on map applications, be as detailed as possible. Be sure you have your proper street address, telephone number, and any other identifying information readily available. The more information available to the customer, the more likely they are to choose your business over your competition.

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Emily Morosi