How to Get Techs to Comply with Company Standards

by Charlie “Tec Daddy” Greer

I believe the buy-in occurs in the initial interview process before they are hired.  When I did all the recruiting at my family’s company, I told prospective employees that we work a little differently than most companies, so we’d start the conversation with me telling them how we run calls, which meant going over the courtesy inspection and the list of recommendations (Paper Towel Close).  If it was met with anything less than enthusiasm, they weren’t hired.  We wasted absolutely no time or effort trying to “sell” techs on our procedures.  they either bought in, or they weren’t hired … including times when we desperately needed techs, which was all the time.

However, your question is for existing techs.  Sometimes techs don’t want to do it; sometimes customers don’t want it done.  I know that a lot of techs are just not comfortable with the whole concept of going through someone’s home, and others are afraid they’ll get shot down when they offer to do the inspection and can’t stand rejection.

How about we hit it from a different angle?  What if the customer expects, and even has a right to demand the complete inspection and comprehensive list of every single deficiency?

The incoming call-taker can put the tech in the position to where he has to do the inspection, and can make it easier for the techs that want to do the complete inspection.

HVAC: “One of our trademarks is that our technicians perform an inspection on the mechanical components of your system, both inside and outside, and provide you with a report on its condition.”

PLUMBING:  “One of our trademarks is that our technicians perform a courtesy inspection on all your fixtures and drains to see if there are any little free adjustments he can do.”

ELECTRICAL:  “One of our trademarks is that our technicians perform a safety inspection on your main electric panel.”

While concluding the phone call, land them on the inspection by saying, “Just so we can plan out our time better and stay on schedule, should I tell the technician expect to do the complete inspection?”

While dispatching the call, say, “They expect their courtesy inspection.”

Now the customer expects a complete inspection.

Your friendly, neighborhood Service Roundtable Consult & Coach Partner, Charlie “Tec Daddy” Greer

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