How the Google 3-Pack may affect your Plumbing & HVAC Business, and what you can do about it.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, so when they roll out a new change it’s imperative that HVAC and plumbing marketing companies determine how that change will impact their clients’ campaigns now and in the future. Within the last couple of weeks, Google has made a significant change to the way it displays local business search results. By first understanding the change, we can then determine the effects it will have on various projects, reevaluate processes, and take the actions necessary to ensure that marketing campaigns are set up for success.

What has changed in the way that local business search results are displayed?

Google has switched from a “7-pack” of local listings to a “3-pack.” This means that when you search for a local business, you will be presented with a list of three local businesses instead of seven.

The 3-pack now displays:

  • Big icons to link to the website and directions
  • Store hours
  • The location type (for example: “Plumber” or “HVAC Contractor”)
  • The location’s street name
  • Average rating & reviews

It’s important to note as well what is not displayed: exact addresses, phone numbers, and Google+ links. During a mobile search, you’ll be given the option to push “call,” but otherwise you’ll need to click on the business to retrieve the phone number and full address.

To see a longer list of local businesses, you’ll need to click the “view more” link which is located under the 3-pack. You’ll then be presented with 20 results.

How will this change impact marketing for my business?

Because the display of local search listings is now a 3-pack instead of a 7-pack, four fewer businesses will show on the first page of a Google local search. Will your business listing be in the 3-pack? Will it be listed when searchers click “view more” and are given 20 results? The change makes optimizing for local searches even more important because fewer results are displayed on the first page. If your business is located in an extremely competitive area and a high ranking isn’t feasible, this change may make it necessary to seek other internet marketing options such as pay-per-click advertising.

How does Contractor 20/20 react when Google makes a big change such as this?

The Google landscape is ever-changing, and it’s extremely important not to let an update like this weaken the marketing campaigns that are set in place. A good HVAC and plumber marketing company can embrace a change and learn how to use it to their clients’ advantage. When a change is implemented, it’s our job to gather information, test and research new strategies, reevaluate current techniques, consider various options, and ultimately ensure that our clients get the most out of their HVAC and plumber marketing campaigns.

If you have questions about local search campaigns or would like to speak with an HVAC and plumbing marketing professional, it’s time to give Contractor 20/20 a call today!

Emily Morosi