Hero Branding: The Basics of Presenting Your Business

When it’s time to retire, many people look back on their lives and think, “What was it all for?” Though they’ve built their own businesses, some feel that they didn’t do enough to secure their financials. Others wish they had done more to be a part of their communities.

We at Contractor 20/20 don’t want you to have that feeling of regret. That’s why we’ve made hero branding part of our mission. In this blog post, we aim to inform you, the business owner, about hero branding and how we can help you get the most out of your business, not just for you, but for your employees, your family, and your community.

What is Hero Branding?

Hero branding is about creating a legacy for your business that stretches beyond high profits. While we recognize the importance of high profits, hero branding is about leaving your community better off for the future. Once you reach the 20 to 25 percent profit range, we help our clients become “hero” contractors.

Some of the good you might do as a hero contractor includes:

  • Sponsoring a little league team
  • Giving water away at a 5k charity run
  • Donating a small amount (usually $10) from every job to a charity of your choice
  • Offering good wages and benefits to employees

If your company is in the position to allow losses, you can create policies such as “if it’s not right, we make it right, or it’s free.” New clients will feel confident in their services, and they’ll come to rely on your honest policies.

How Can We Help You

Contractor 20/20 wants to see its clients become hero contractors, but first, we have to help you succeed.

With our research, we will come up with a branding strategy that promotes the kind of company you want to be. We’ll make recommendations and help you implement your strategy across multiple platforms to achieve high efficiency and profitability.

Contact Us

Hero branding turns a job into a life’s purpose. To get started, contact Contractor 20/20 at (607) 770-8933 and turn your company into a community pillar.

Emily Morosi