How Important is Customer Retention?

Retaining customers has always been a crucial part to business marketing. This method of attaining customers and keeping them for months and even years costs little and the rewards are huge. Let’s discuss how important this is and why, because once you recognize the value in this marketing strategy, it’s one you’ll never want to let go.

Customer Retention Then

For years, we’ve all seen business card magnets placed on refrigerators. These are customers who were satisfied with the service from the plumber or heating and cooling company they used, and they saved the business card to call them again for service. The use of these magnets is powerful. Not only is it a constant reminder to loyal customers that you are the business they want to use, but anytime a guest is over at their house, they usually see the business card too. Admittedly, when you think about it, we’ve all seen this phenomenon at work.

Customer Retention Now

However, now because of the internet, in addition to putting your business card on their fridge, your customers are probably writing about you on social media or visiting your website! This generates traffic to your online pages. If a customer likes your Facebook page for example, that person’s entire network of friends is going to see that they approve of your services. It could almost be argued that customer retention now is more effective than it’s ever been. In order to capitalize on this type of customer retention it is important to invest in your social media content, give incentives and opportunities for them to leave positive reviews, and give them reasons to visit your social media real estate through blogs, contests, and other incentives.

Customer Retention Always

Retaining customers from a job well done will speak volumes to your credibility and the services you offer. Whether someone’s saving your business card or writing on your business’s Facebook page, this is an important and key step in marketing your company.

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Emily Morosi