How Social Media Influences Those Remodeling Their Homes

As a business owner, you’ve likely heard how important social media is to your business. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, your customers will not find you. Social media has changed the marketing game and completely flipped it. Take Instagram, for example. People post photographs of their remodeled homes, and followers go wild. Home envy is a genuine reaction. You can capitalize on such responses by sharing your own remodeling work.


We mentioned home envy. Well, it’s a hashtag on many favorite social media sites and forums. There’s a reason for that. People want the best and brightest for their own homes, and they turn to social media for ideas. For instance, over 28% of homeowners in a recent survey revealed they purchased at least one new item for their home in the past year based on social media. That’s astounding.

Young homeowners primarily depend on the internet for ideas. They do not have the experience of veteran homeowners. The inspiration for remodeling projects come from blogs, from Twitter, and from friends sharing their own wishes and goals.

In Search of Ideas

Say a young homeowner has an idea for a bathroom renovation. They can imagine the project in their mind but are having trouble explaining or fully realizing their goals. Somewhere, someplace on the internet, someone else had the same idea. And they completed the job.

Searching for home remodeling projects online is just a few clicks away. Once that young homeowner has discovered their plan in full, they turn to a local contractor to complete the work. You, as that contractor, now have a clear path and idea. Social media makes the process more manageable.

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Emily Morosi