Finally…HVAC & Plumber Email Marketing with Guaranteed Results

What is the first thing you check when you get on your computer, tablet, or cellphone in the morning? For most people, it’s their email accounts. Around the United States, people of all demographics have made email-checking a daily ritual. So it should be no surprise that more and more small businesses are opting for and succeeding with email marketing campaigns. Prospective customers for your business are checking their emails right now…are you engaging with them? It’s time to talk about the many benefits of an email marketing campaign.

HVAC & Plumber Email Marketing Campaigns from Contractor 20/20

Email marketing campaigns are affordable. Many small businesses have limited advertising budgets. When you market your HVAC or plumbing company via email, you can send correspondence out in bulk without spending a fortune. Imagine being able to safely and legally send out 50,000 double-opted in, 20pt demographically targeted emails in an instant for about 4 cents each to your best prospects, at reduced risk and with guaranteed results!

We partner with billion dollar media giants to ensure 100% compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations. With any email marketing campaign it is imperative that you follow the rules. Our partnership with the most trusted giant media companies allows us to create successful email marketing campaigns while protecting our clients every step of the way. Each email address that we send to is “double-opted in,” which means that the account holder has agreed to receive emails about products and services and has verified that the email address is correct. Of course there are options out there with a smaller upstart cost, but those options more often then not, cut corners, break the rules and leave you at risk for large violations and fines.

You can target the people most likely to convert into customers. What good does it do to send out 50,000 emails to people who are unlikely to be interested in your products or services? Included in Contractor 20/20’s email marketing campaigns is the research needed to pinpoint the best prospective customers. We find people in the right geographical location, and then take it a step further by looking into their demographics, socioeconomics, behaviors, and interests. We narrow the field down to the people who are most likely to convert into customers before we send out any emails. By doing so, we save time and funds, so that we can maximize the ROI for you.

Emails can improve customer retention rates. While acquiring new customers is always important, retaining current customers can be equally essential. When you keep in contact with your customer base, they’ll be more likely to opt for your products or services again.

We have experienced, creative designers that work to make sure your emails are visually appealing and functional. Once an email is opened, there is a brief window of opportunity in which to attract and compel the reader. Our design team strives to create crisp, clear, compelling messages that offer several opportunities for the reader to click through to your HVAC or plumbing website. The emails will appear as if they were sent directly from your company, so that direct relationships between your business and prospective customers can be developed.

Our professional marketers send out a test email deployment. This allows us to ensure the accuracy, quality, and functionality of the email before it is sent to the target group. You are included in this test so that you can try the email out and make sure you are completely satisfied.

The results are tracked and guaranteed. At Contractor 20/20, we have always been dedicated to transparency. You deserve to know if your marketing efforts have been fruitful. Seven days after the email deployment, a report will be generated that gauges the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. We guarantee the delivery of 500 visits to your website.

Included in the massive number of people checking their emails daily are prospective customers for your business. We find the people most likely to be interested in what your company has to offer, and then we bring your message to them. A professionally-developed HVAC or plumber email marketing campaign from Contractor 20/20 is guaranteed to bring traffic to your website, so why not give us a call today and start finding the potential customers that you’re missing out on?

Emily Morosi