The System Contractor 20/20 Utilizes Will Ensure You See Improvement in Your Bottom Line Using the Implementation Strategies Mike Morosi has Perfected and Proved.

I have broken down the problems of marketing problems for contractors into four areas. I would be happy to chat with you about it. Here’s a brief outline:

Implementation Strategies

1) Putting your sales in balance with overhead. I have created a simple tracking system that analyzes how well you convert leads into sales. We look at your CSRs appointment rates, the techs conversion to sales and average tickets to see if and how sales leads are wasted, then we look at where the money goes in terms of labor, materials, gas, overhead to spot pricing, staffing and theft problems.

2) We then look at what level of sales is needed to pull your sales in balance to your overhead. We do a Reality Check to make sure you have enough staff to hit that goal. Then we determine what advertising budget is necessary to get the new customers needed to hit that sales goal.

3) We set up an easy system to track the key numbers including lead sources and costs, so you can adjust your staffing, pricing and promotion plan as conditions change.

4) We set up an Advertising Strategy that is very narrowly targeted to those most likely to buy now using whatever combination works best in your market, of Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Cable.

We use advertising that funds itself by charging new customers for the cost of the advertising needed to acquire them. The plan provides for a vertical marketing plan: funding the initial cost to get them, a thank you note after the first sale, then reminder cards every three months to retain the new customer. It provides for a horizontal marketing plan: sending letters to the neighbors and putting up lawn signs. It provides for a defense against the yellow pages by branding the home with outdoor window thermometers and tags to stop customers from needing to go the yellow pages to find you. It provides a back-up plan to keep customers who have been turned off by your pricing and a simple way to overcome buyer’s remorse and maximize potential.

Here is the good news … While there are many steps – each one is simple and pays for itself -and it works for over 80% of those who try it.

Mike Morosi, president of Contractor 20/20, HVAC/plumbing direct mail, radio, TV, marketing pricing and profitability specialists.
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Emily Morosi