Improve Your Bottom Line

Mike Morosi’s CONTRACTOR 20/20 will Improve Your Bottom Line 6 Ways

Contractor 20/20 has the results and marketing to improve your bottom line with these 6 tried and tested methods. Call Mike Morosi and visit with him about how he can help you grow your business.

1) Unlimited leads using Direct Mail Radio & TV.
2) Mailers to Repeat Customers
3) Mailers to the Next Door Neighbors of your Customers.
4) Consulting to Achieve 18% Net Profit.
5) Effective Employee Recruitment.
6) Market Research.


Mike Morosi, President of Contractor 20/20, a service of MultiMedia Advertising Services LLC,
does marketing work for plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors in 40 states and Canada. I
am proud to be associated with the largest contractor group in the nation as a PHCC/QSC (Quality
Service Contractors Industry Partner). I have also gained much from my experience as a
former major Best Practice Group preferred vendor, and former Service Roundtable Consult
Partner. Our clients include members of most best practice groups with companies billing from
three hundred thousand to one hundred million annually!
Simply we have taken what we and over 250 contractors learned by “trial and error” and created
a system to help you avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of proven marketing methods.
The first thing we do for our clients is research their market from 6 views.
1) Their standing, in terms of how people view their reputation, quality and prices, both with
their own current and former customers and the general public through telephone surveys.
2) We compare how their market share compares to the competition.
3) We then determine the best advertising opportunities in their market.
4) We look at the results of their past and current marketing.
5) We look at their company history and goals.
6) We analyze their overhead, staffing and pricing to see if high profits
are possible if they were to sell out their unsold time.
Only then do we design a plan for success and a system to implement
the plan given their budget restraints.

Emily Morosi