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#1 Telemarketing for Plumbers, HVAC and Electrical Companies

Plumbers, HVAC & Electrical TelemarketingTelemarketing has a bad reputation. Telemarketers are often characterized as annoying, ill-informed, and aggressive. However, if we really take into account all of our experiences with telemarketing, we realize that is not the whole picture.

It has often been said that the medium is the message. “Soft” telemarketing can be very effective when it is done correctly. For example, when your dentist calls you to remind you of your dental appointment, you are often grateful and interpret this reminder as a professional courtesy that is advantageous for both you and the dentist. The same is true for telemarketing that lets you know certain memberships are running out like AARP, AAA, and discount programs. Again, the reminder is normally interpreted as professional and helpful. Even though we realize these companies are looking for more money from us, we also see the reminder as proof that they are a professional organization that may be worthy of our money. In our busy and complicated lives, these telemarketing reminders are often appreciated.

However, some telemarketing can be detrimental to your company’s reputation. When the telemarketers are paid by commission, they can be overly aggressive and unprofessional as they understand their job is a “numbers job” and they need to sift through all the “no’s” as quickly as possible. Even when customers are pressured into a decision to buy, they often walk away with buyers regret and negative feelings about the brand.

At Contractor 20/20, we practice soft-telemarketing. Our professional telemarketers give your customers a helpful reminder that it is time to have a particular service rendered. The key to our success is that our telemarketing approach is soft, respectful, and timely. The call is considered a professional courtesy and is often appreciated.

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