New Year…New Ways to Help You Succeed

Contractor 20/20 is bringing in the New Year with a newly designed website and exciting new services that will help your business to grow and succeed. We accomplished a lot for our clients in 2014, but we believe that when you achieve one goal, it’s time to reach for the next. That’s why we’ve been hard at work to find and develop new ways to help our clients overcome obstacles, get the results they’re after, and flourish in 2015 like they never have before.

We listened to our clients. We anticipated needs. And now, it’s time to reveal three brand-new services designed to assist our clients in the areas they need it most.

Employee Recruitment: Even if your business has succeeded in creating a name for itself, and customers are beating down the door, you’re in a serious bind if you don’t have enough or the right employees to do the work. Our employee recruitment services won’t just find you applicants that meet the minimum qualifications; we’ll find you the technicians and other staff members who will be valued, positive representatives of your business.

Promotional Products: Promotional products (pizza cutters, pens, magnets, etc.) can be a cost-effective and easy way to get and keep your company’s contact information in the hands of customers. But, you don’t want your branded item to find its way into the trashcan. That’s why we’ve done the research and testing necessary to present you with promotional products that will definitively achieve results.

Light HVAC Telemarketing: Our soft-telemarketing is nothing like the obnoxious, commission-driven, aggressive telemarketing that we all know and hate. Our telemarketing offers helpful reminders and will be considered by your customers as nothing other than a respectful, professional courtesy. These calls bring in work to your business without aggravating your customers. We have done our due diligence and now have the legal knowledge regarding telemarketing standards and laws so you can be sure we will do it the right way.

Aside from our new services, Contractor 20/20 is also proud to unveil our new Free Business Resource Center. Here, you can explore useful information on a variety of topics—from business management to branding—all for free! We encourage you to take advantage of this free tool to learn more about growing and sustaining a successful business.

Today, we’ve only just touched on what Contractor 20/20 has to offer you in the New Year. Please visit our responsive design website (easily accessed on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device) for a plethora of ideas, marketing services, and information that will help you to boost business and achieve your goals in 2015!

Emily Morosi