Online Tactics to Find Great Employees

Although it is not often thought of or discussed in day-to-day business, you – as a contractor – will lose employees. This is just a reality in today’s economy, in which every team member is looking for a bigger and better opportunity. When it is time to replace and employee or find new ones for your growing company, you want to make sure that you hire a quality employee. You may be asking, how can I make sure that I hire someone worth hiring? How can I find and attract quality employees?  Many contractors do not realize that finding and attracting quality employees starts with your branding.

Advertising to Potential Employees

When you market to your customers, you make sure to present an image of integrity, reliability, and experience. The same mentality and advantage can be used to get quality applicants to your business. If you market your HVAC or plumbing business as one in which values are top priority, where employees are treated with respect, and integrity is at the root of all you do, then you’re bound to attract great team members. For example, if your child had to make a choice between working at McDonalds or Starbucks, where would you want them to work? Most people would desire that their child work at Starbucks over McDonalds because Starbucks has a great public reputation, and has branded themselves as caring about their customers and their employees.

How does a company go about directly advertising for new and potential employees? That all starts with your online presence. Right now potential employees are searching online for jobs in your area. You want to make sure that your job opportunity shows up in their search results. At Contractor 20/20 we have a proven and tested method for attracting online job searchers. This option captures the attention of potential employees searching on Google for jobs in your defined area. We create a highly targeted pay per click campaign which brings visitors to your employee recruitment site, or specific pages on your website about job and career opportunities. These pages sell your company to potential employees with clear job descriptions, incentives, and even video testimonials from current employees! Why pay the expensive job sites when you can show your ads right on Google, the largest search engine in the world for a fraction of the price?

When you exude an atmosphere of knowledge and expertise, men and women who are searching for jobs will find your job opening to be a real opportunity. Your open position not only offers them a quality place to work, but your online marketing tools show them you are at the top of your game. You care about promotion, customer retention, and employee retention. These values, shown through your dedicated marketing, will attract only the best employees.

Enlisting Employees Who Are Ready to Commit

You want to attract employees that are ready to commit to a solid company. Many potential employees are looking to settle down and commit to a place they can be proud they work for. You want to attract the sort of employee that wants a career and not just a paycheck. By marketing yourself in a specific way to both the public and directly to job searchers, you can stand out from your competition.

Team members who value more than the dollar – and show they are ready to commit to your business – are the ones you want to add to your team.

Want Help?

If you are ready to attract the right online job searchers, look to Contractor 20/20. We help you get sales, customers, and even new employees through the world wide web! Our values align with yours, and we operate with integrity. Let us help you advertise that way too. Call us at (607) 770-8933.