Part 2 – Our Story (Must read)

In 1976 my wife Ann and I, armed with  degrees in economics, started serving independent business owners. By 1996 over 90% of our clients were plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors.

We made a quality decision that if this was the career God chose for us then we wanted to become and remain the absolute best at it. By 2012 we discoveredthe cures to the 5 major problems that contractors face, we continue to perfect those remedies and have made partnerships to solve whatever else came up outside our expertise, like sales training and flat rate books.

Contractor 20/20 is prepared for the future… the next generation as 2 of my adult daughters and one of our sons are preparing to take on the leadership over the next 10 years

A message from my heart to yours

I suffered for years waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, terrified by the next month’s business demands.

I missed out on opportunities to enjoy my wife , my children, my family and my faith, sadly cutting short my ministry time … gone forever

My greatest hope is to spare others from what I have gone through

It took over 20 years & 20 million dollars … it’s done …

We found the proven cure … to your 5 worst business problems.

What will life will be when your business stress is gone?

Imagine more Free Time for Family, fun and charity … once we cure your 5 worst business problem.

More of Our story

Along the journey we have owned or managed newspapers, Coupon Magazines, coupon websites, Radio Station & TV stations, a real-estate management company

a computer store and a full service ad agency.

More about our team

Emily Morosi-Catan a SUNY Buffalo graduate with highest Suma Cum Laud honors in Marketing and Sociology

Emily Morosi-Catan … Is clearly our industries top webmaster, seo, and paid search expert, as measured by clients ROI (Return on Investment)

Laura Morosi-Latora is a Part time College Professor and our client’s ratings show that her performance in customer service and project fulfillment is unmatched

Contractor 20/20 is prepared for the future…as the next generation of two of my adult daughters and one adult son arepreparing to take on the leadership over the next 10 years

It’s OK to ACT NOW…

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 I am proud to state many Clients , now friends have said it’s “the best call they every made” So make the right call  

“Timing is everything” … When is the best time for you to maximize net profitability, retention and growth?

For a call back (607) 770-8933 or email [email protected]  to pick your  time ….10:30 am or 2:30 pm or 4:30 pm NY time pick any 3 days I am 90% sure there will be an opening.

Mike and Ann Morosi will be on vacation from Dec 8th to Dec 28th but calls are being returned by my staff

Emily Morosi